High Park Nature Walk – upcoming

High Park Nature Walk – this Saturday!!

Our event guide for the upcoming walk on Saturday July 13, is Carol Squire, Kanien’keha (Mohawk) language teacher from the Native Canadian Center of Toronto. Also present will be Donna Powless, Catherine Tammaro and Joce Two-Crows Tremblay.

We will be doing a nature walk, Three Sisters Garden teachings and art activities based on the importance of language to Indigenous cultural survival. Indigenous languages give us meanings, descriptions and connectivity authentic to these Lands. Come learn some Kanien’keha language and find out how that might transform your view of the Lands on which we live. These walks are kid centered – family friendly. Please Share!





Aboriginal Day Event – High Park

THPS, Ojibiikens and the High Park Nature Center celebrated Aboriginal Day. We opened with Donna Powless leading us in singing and dancing around a sacred fire, a Welcome in Cayuga by Katsi Lickers, and a participatory Thanksgiving Address led by Wendat Faithkeeper, Catherine Tammaro.  Cultural work followed: a nature walk led by  Donna Powless, a talking stick workshop by Catherine Tammaro, the planting of beans and squash alongside the corn (planted at our last event) led by Joce-Two Crows Tremblay, beading by Ethan, and sign painting (for the garden) which was quickly diverted by a kiddo friend to a free form all hands in the paint experience! A most beautiful feast followed with venison stew, three sisters soup, wild rice and cranberry salad, strawberries, bannock and scones.



It has come to the attention of THPS that Glyphosate is used in High Park especially concerning the control of the invasive grass called Phragmites. Many Indigenous communities have been resisting pesticide use on the Land as well, many communities are adopting Glyphosate free parks and cities. At this point in time, it is Glyphosate is legal in Canada. Below are a selection of articles about the dangers of Glyphosate.


Where is Glyphosate Banned?

Trappers in Robinson Huron treaty area want aerial herbicide spraying to end – APTN News

Monsanto Roundup Lawsuit

International Agency for Research on Cancer WHO

Herbicide use in forests reduces biodiversity – Williams Lake Tribune


Glyphosate – CNN article

Ban? What ban?

Natural Resources Canada Newman et al 2016

May 18th – Full Moon Nature Walk

The fourth Full Moon Family Nature Walk in High Park was the largest yet!

Wyandot seated faith keeper, Catherine Tammaro gave wonderful teachings on balance and guided us on connecting to a great black oak and the making of mobiles out of natural materials. Tammaro then conducted a sharing circle where people talked about their mobiles and the meanings that they found through their creation. The mobile sharing was followed by a beautiful feast of three bean salad, pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and blueberry juice provided by Ojibiikens with the assistance of Friends of Watkinson Park folks.

After the feast and mobile sharing, we all moved out to the garden where Joce Two Crows Tremblay had created some three sisters mounds. Two-Crows Tremblay guided the group on a corn planting ceremony. Songs were sung and intentions for harmony with nature sent.

Thanks to Donna Powless, director of the THPS, for all her guidance and shared wisdoms. Thanks to Marlene Bluebird Stickings and Ethan   who were vigilant firekeepers for the day.  Shout out to Lisa Lavoie for all your great spirit and good work to put on this event. Also, to Jon Hayes and Jenny Davis (and their volunteers) from the High Park Nature Center for being amazing hosts and collaborators on this event.