THPS affirms solidarity with ReSistering Garden ~ A grassroots Initiative of Joce Two-Crows Tremblay

In 2019, THPS member Joce Two-Crows Tremblay initiated the Re~Sistering project on the Niwa’ah Onega’gaih’ih ~ Kobechenonk ~ the Humber River. This is a project to re-Indigenize or place keep by creating Three Sisters and medicine earthworks on ancestral urban sites. The first year of the project was marked by much negotiation with the city as well the powers that be (police, fire, parks ambassadors etc) and the settler folx who walked, cycled, jogged and ambled by. Having camped next to the Garden until the Three Sisters were good and strong, the place was well protected by Two-Spirit centered community. The squash was food to an amazing weevil, the beans and corn grew and also fed several critters, while also providing beautiful seeds to the next generation.

As we enter into this new growing season, the Re-Sistering project will continue this Summer on the Niwa’ah Onega’gaih’ih ~ Kobechenonk ~ the Humber River as well as in High Park.

Please read: The Resisting Project ~ Description