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The Taiaiako’n Historic Preservation Society has received much supportive media:


Snake Mound Video Aug. 28, 2010

Toronto Police Scott Mills Video in Support of Snake Mound Restoration

Eye See the Positive Video Series by Jeff Howard on Snake Mound

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Media coverage and debate

Over the Summer there has been a lot of attention from the popular/industrial media as well as discussions on various blogs including Blog TO. Much of what has been reported has not been well researched, much refutation to the doubting claims of the press can be found on this website. On this page we try to address some of the misinformation.

Refutation of  Torontoist Article, Activists Worry BMXers Are Riding on a First Nations Burial Site, by Steve Kupferman (an American living in Canada) April 19 & City and Firstnations Spokespeople says High Park Mounds are doubtful, April 21, 2011

“The Torontoist article from April 19, 2011  and April 21, 2011 is shameful and loaded with a lot of lies and things that can easily be contested in a court of law.
The Torontoist article,  “Activists Worry BMXers Are Riding on a First Nations Burial Site”, and  April 19, 2011 , “City and First Nations Spokespeople says High Park Mounds are doubtful” ,published April 21, 2011 by Steve Kupferman,  is incorrect as well as shameful.  It’s contents demand an explanation and retraction in print immediately.  We believe that the following points are in the public’s interest and deserve to be put in another article. Otherwise, the biased and insulting position of the writer, Mr. Kupferman, and by association, The Torontoist newspaper, will need to be addressed in a court of law. It’s contents demand an explanation and retraction in print immediately.  Furthermore we request a second article that addresses the following points. 
The following points deserve “Fair Comment”. The half-truths and untruths in the article can also be considered to be libelous and slanderous.
There is no “Truth or Justification” to have made many of the statements in the article.  The article is not based on facts and could be deemed “Malicious”.
The Torontoist and Mr. Kupferman have not made “Responsible Communication on matters of Public Interest”.

 1.     ” Rastia’ta’non:ha, a soft-spoken man with a head of dark black hair, wears a multicoloured tunic-like shirt that trails ribbons, and he carries a walking stick. He’s not a particularly imposing person, but when a handful of kids using some dirt BMX ramps located on a hill at the southeastern corner of High Park see him and some of his compatriots coming, with a few reporters in tow, they hop on their bikes and bolt straight away. They know why he’s there.”

We met Steve Kupferman, Jayme Poisson, and Nick Kozak at Grenadier Restaurant at 5:00 pm on Monday before driving to the Snake Mound. Since they did not know their way there, they started out following us in their car. When we proceeded down Centre Rd., we noticed that they were not following us. We waited for a few minutes, and they had not gone the same way we did. We went back to the parking lot, and they were not there. We then decided to go to the Snake Mound and wait for them there. Upon arrival, at Spring Road Parking Lot, they still had not arrived. We waited for a few minutes, and then decided to proceed to the Snake Mound from there. When we got to the edge of the South Duck Pond, we could see some people biking on the Snake Mound from where we were at. All of us had walking sticks and once we got close enough we could see that 2 of the 6 or 7 youths had shovels and were digging at the Snake Mound. As soon as we got to the south barricade, the youths took off and ran out the North entrance with their bikes as they had also been biking illegally in an area posted “no biking permitted” and “no access” contravening by-law 608:29 a-d. At that point the media still had not arrived.  We noted the defacing of the city signs, and one sign had been bent so the words could not be seen on it. A couple of our people, proceeded to the North end, and noticed that the north barricade had been knocked over by the bikers. Then at that point the media people had arrived, and had just missed the bikers illegally biking and building ramps. Once the media arrived, they began to ask us questions about the site and took photographs. One of our people called over to Rastia’ta’non:ha asking for his assistance in putting the north barricade back up. He walked over, and Nick followed him with his camera taking pictures along the way. Nick did take several photos of Rastia’ta’non:ha putting the barricade back up, which he could have used, showing the defiance of the bikers. Rather than doing he chose a photo of Rastia’ta’non:ha, that was intentionally taken as to make Rastia’non:ha look small, and to also make the damages that the bikers have done to the site insignificant. A photographer friend of mine pointed this out, and stated that picture was posted on purpose, to show lack of respect for Rastia’ta’non:ha. They could have also used the photograph that they took of Rastia’ta’non:ha bending the sign back to show the writing on it which they did not. As soon as Chief Arnie General pointed out that the youths were across the other side of the pond, the media took off and went to talk to the bikers. They stated they would be back and asked us to wait there for them. We waited there for them a while, they did not come back, and we left the site. It is believed that this whole scene was staged by the bikers and their leaders, because in the past Dave Stewart, a 40 year old bmxer, who posed as a parks employee and supplying shovels to the youths, knew of the meeting that was to take place @ 7:00 pm and also knew somehow that we were meeting the media at the park @ 5:00 pm. Strangely enough there were no adults present with the bikers, just 13 or 14 year olds. That way they can continue the myth with the media present, that it’s just kids who are involved with the illegal bmxing activity.  A tactic that Dave Stewart and Chris Silva their leaders have used before when police have been called numerous times to enforce by-law 608: 29 a-d.

2. “the Taiaiaiko’n Historical Preservation Society (many of whom refer to him simply as “Dave”), contend that the bike ramps are located directly on top of what they call “Snake Mound,” an Iroquoian burial mound, possibly 1,000 years old, or even older.

Whatever the mound was 1,000 years ago, right now it’s absolutely a BMX park. Bikers have sculpted the steep dirt slopes into an obstacle course surprising in its scale and complexity. It’s hard to imagine it having been built without backhoes.”

We informed Steve and the other media, by the press release, and in person, that the Snake Mound is 3,000 years old not 1,000 years old. It is also not officially a BMX park, as City by-laws prohibit this kind of activity in High Park off of the paved pathways. Youths and adults have destroyed this site with shovels, as we have located at least 20 shovels over the past 2 years on site, no backhoes or heavy equipment was ever used to create the illegal jumps. The illegal jumps were removed in 2009, and then rebuilt by the bikers again illegally in 2010.

3.      “On closer inspection, they’re all about 14 years old. Their first reaction when a reporter calls out to them is fright. But one of them, a boy named Alex, who is pint-sized but brave, steps forward and handles the interview.”

The media has portrayed Alex and his friends as being very polite.  Contrary to this, comments have been made by the bikers on  Mark / November 19, 2010 at 10:25 AM Don’t worry about money Cornelia. Thanks for your support, Alex has a rake and a shovel, and thats all we need. Mark / November 18, 2010 at 6:36 PM To any respectful bikers out there, my friend Alex and I are trying to build some dirt jumps behind the tennis courts at 45 Southport street. Any help, no matter how small would be greatly appreciated. They are not as good as the ones at High Park, and they never will be due to limited space, but still, they’re better than nothing.

Alex and Mark are friends… and Mark certainly had a lot to say on TO blog site .

Mark In replying to a comment from Cornelia / November 19, 2010 at 8:07 PM

It’s actually not legal. I was digging today, and the landowner said I could still bike there, just not dig, which kind of defeats the whole purpose…

Mark In replying to a comment from sdisturber / November 26, 2010 at 5:47 PM Hey assmunch: Maybe the cow will jump over the moon someday. Oh, and by the way, I still haven’t seen you in court, numbnuts.

Mark In replying to a comment from sdisturber / November 30, 2010 at 3:59 PM idsturber, I’m sorry for not making my meanings clear in my last comment. What I meant was, that before the jumps were closed, I had no idea it was illegal to ride in the park.

Polite? Terrorist Threats, Racist Comments….

CHRIS SILVA / December 6, 2010 at 6:26 PM Hey Corn-holio,
I’ve never done any diggin’ at High Park but I did ride them and I will continue to whenever I’m not surfin’ your Corn-hole!
Drifter made a huge impact on my life, you must understand I’ve never touched drugs in my life and I thanks Drifter for showing me an example of what NOT TO DO. Dave (I will refer to him as Dave in present tense) is now clean and learned from his own mistakes, clean over 3 years I might add! Everyone is allowed to make mistakes in their lives as long as they learn from it and it makes them a better person.
He also did teach me to stand up for myself and speak out when someone is talking bullshit… and you Corn-holio are full of bullshit.
This is my last reply to this blog cause it’s fuckin’ retarded and I have better things to do with my time.

Go Away / August 15, 2010 at 12:12 PM Hey Rhodes, F@CK OFF!!!!

DH / August 15, 2010 at 7:08 PM I’ll like to do an environmental assessment of Rhode’s house. How many species did his home displace? In a park with a giant pool, baseball diamonds, PARKING LOTS and other buildings, this guy is worried about dirt mounds. Give me a break.

Brian In replying to a comment from sdisturber / August 20, 2010 at 10:16 PM Aha! I’m pretty sure I saw this troll, SDISTURBER, poking around in the dog poop bins in the off leash area collecting choice specimens to take back to it’s newspaper-filled, hamster-piss drenched bachelor apartment. I’ve got your number SD and it’s YOU who’d better watch out, you squirrel molesting creep

dvc In replying to a comment from red / November 6, 2010 at 9:31 PM You wanna know something? Adrian Rhodes is the type of person that needs to be carried out of this city by the scruff of his neck and dropped into a large body of water without a life preserver.

lilred In replying to a comment from sdisturber / September 3, 2010 at 5:09 AM

laugh my ass off ..maybe your ancestors shouldn’t have traded their land for a box of liquor…you dont have a clue what they did ciz you weren there.but it seems they lost the land somehow eh?? traded for tobacco maybe?? a blonde?? i think if you want ppl to stop and listen need to say things they will take seriously ..cuz honestly ..YOU are a JOKE..its ppl like you give the rest of the natives a bad name… you know what a natives favourite wine is?? give us back our land!!!

Marcus In replying to a comment from sdisturber / November 28, 2010 at 7:35 PM we also traded blankets with you…blankets with small pox ahaha the British conquered you, live with it. done and done

shutup In replying to a comment from Cornelia / December 7, 2010 at 8:41 AM If I wasn’t out riding my bike, I would be exploring some of my other hobbies. These include graffiti, theft, and smoking crack. But seriously, I have never seen a single citizen be harassed as they pass these jumps. But I can assure you, if these jumps are demolished, Park citizens will be harassed, every car parked in high park will have its windows smashed and tires slashed, and every building will be littered with fresh graffiti.

Comments on You tube video

you fcucking stupid drunk crack head natives i was riding my bmx bike there today try and stop me from riding my bike in my citys park  2000kx125 6 days ago

thats why you natives go and drink and shoot up in that park and smash your bottles and leave your needles around , i love how your guys respect the land !! go back to your 6 nations 3rd world countrys out in thunder bay or the HALFWAY HOUSE ON QUEEN ST . 2000kx125 5 days ago

you stupid natives at the end of the day i just like riding my bike and getting exercise !! try and stop me !! 2000kx125 2 days ago

Rustee24  Apr 19, 2011 4:42 PM

Six Nations? The Caledonia Terrorists? Up theirs. They are nothing but thugs and thieves, supported by the cowardly OPP and their puppet-master McGuinty.

Who are the  Terrorists, thugs and thieves? Not Six Nations people. As clearly seen by the racist and terrorist posts of bmxers, as they are the Terrorists, thugs and thieves!

4.      “Rastia’ta’non:ha, for his part, has been cataloguing evidence on the Taiaiaiko’n Historical Preservation Society website. On Monday, he narrated a PowerPoint presentation of some of his most compelling proof to an appreciative audience at a Roncesvalles Avenue café. He has oral history; he has astrology; he has an arrowhead, and some fragments of what might be bone or ceremonial objects, but could also just be rocks (DNA analysis on the bone is, he says, pending). He also has some interesting but inconclusive ground studies by an archaeologist allied with his organization. What he doesn’t have is independent verification of his claims.”

The independent verification, was requested of the City through Kevin Bowsher’s office, whereas THPS had offered to foot the bill for the GPR to be done throughout the park, at an estimated cost of $40,000, costing the city nothing . Why would the city refuse such an offer, and then hire someone who is un-licensed, and as a shoddy record? One can only suspect is that they hired someone who they knowingly has not found evidence at many other sites, so that way the city can use this archaeologist’s reports as a way of writing off the whole park, which is what they have done with the reports. It’s obvious that the city did not want to allow an archaeologist in the park to do their assessments that would actually verify that there are burials in the park. Mr. Williamson and ASI has a record of threats and intimidation of other smaller archaelogical firms in Ontario, thus today making ASI the largest firm, because it has been noted that they have “vacuumed up all of the contracts”. This was also the case in Toronto until March 2011, when the city finally posted the initiation of the Archaeological Master plan, to open bidding, something they have not done, in the history of such plan, as they have automatically given the contract to ASI. Now that THPS has raised questions about ASI and Ron Williamson’s ability to perform archaeology and do it legally, investigations are pending from both the City and Ontario government levels since we have made them aware of many of his questionable activities. Because ASI has been awarded so many contracts in the past, they are unable to keep up with requests for the reports in a timely fashion, therefore many of their staff are un-licensed due to late reports or not submitting reports at all.

As explained at the presentation on Monday evening , because of time constraints ( 2hrs) this only allowed THPS to do a short presentation on its efforts to prove what has been found at High Park. In order to give the issue justice, the presentation should have been for a whole day. We have more than just oral history, astrology, an arrowhead (3000 years old) some fragments of bone and ceremonial objects. As we have boxes of ancestral items that have been collected from the surface of the ground from Bear Mound, Snake Mound and other mound sites in High Park. Only a small portion of recorded data was shown. There is only a requirement by the Ontario Ministry of Culture of 1 artifact being found on a site in order for the site to be registered as an archaeological site. The number of artifacts found on site, would easily register the site as an archaeological site once a site is registered, any alterations done to the site without an archaeological permit, carries a fine of up to $1,000,000.00. The Bear Mound is a registered archaeological site, and has been by the Ontario Ministry of Culture since 2003, not just a rumored archaeological site as suggested by the author of this article.  Ground Penetrating Radar was performed by The Archaeologists Inc, in 2008, verifying the existence of 3 large burial pits in the Bear Mound, an independent study done by licensed Archaeologists. Steve Kupferman referred to these scans as “inconclusive” whereas at the meeting Rastia’ta’non:ha stated that Mr. Ronald Williamson, an unlicensed archaeologist for the last 11 years, said that the scans were inconclusive and that THPS and the Confederacy does not agree with his conclusion and that we believe that the scans are conclusive.(  This is the statement that should have been used by Steve instead.  Steve’s statement was asked by Rastia’ta’non:ha to be retracted, Steve refused to retract the errors in his statements. Steve also asked Rastia’non:ha what it would take for the city to prove to us that there was nothing in the Snake Mound? Rastia’ta’non:ha responded by telling him that we are offended by any such suggestion as we know what is there and have already collected much tangible evidence and documentation on the sites in High Park, and we know there are burials there. Little does Steve know that in the fall of 2009, The Archaeologists Inc did submit a proposal to do GPR throughout the park, including the Snake Mound, and that proposal was refused by Kevin Bowshers office. Instead City Parks hired an un-licensed archaeologist to do Stage 1 and 2 assessments throughout the park. Mr. Williamson and ASI already have a record at various other municipalities of doing shoddy and questionable work whereas they have lost many contracts to other bona fide licensed archaeologists to come and clean up the messes they have created.( High Park is just another example of Mr. Williamson not being able to find anything, meanwhile they have created an Archaeological Master plan, including most of High Park with archaeological concerns. THPS have been able to find much tangible unquestionable archaeological material throughout, and not just rocks, as suggested by Steve Kupferman .

Mr. Kupferman claims that THPS doesn’t have independent verification of its claims.

Our website is loaded with proof of our claims and from many independent sources.

Additional Critique : Toronto City Council has ignored HPACC requests to meet with their representatives, as there has been no meeting of HPACC since last September 2010.

Toronto City council has allowed the desecration of  High Park, despite the years of .pdf files in which the protection of High Park was requested as well as the concerns of HPCAC.  The LAWS/Bylaws must be enforced whether the area is “believed” to be a Mound or not. 

From 1885- 1922 Documentation has been found in the form of old “Globe” articles available at the Toronto Archives and views of some of these articles are available through Google Books on-line, as there is reference to an ” Indian Tombstone” previously located at the Northeast corner of High Park, removed when Bloor Street was constructed. This “Indian Tombstone” was a petroglyph rock containing the symbols of the mounds within High Park.

Another important fact that has been totally overlooked by the author of this article is the fact that by-law 608: 29- ad has been violated, and by his taking the side of the BMXERS , he is encouraging the breaking of a City By-Law.


The author is also encouraging the destruction of an environmentally sensitive area, and has been designated by the City of Toronto since 1978. At that time it was recommended by the City of Toronto, that the area be cordoned off with fencing and not publicly assessable.

ravine and natural feature protection area

Also in the article the Torontoist refers to Chief Arnold General, as an elder. Yes he is an elder, with much respect in many places, the author failed to mention, that Chief Arnold General is a Six Nations Confederacy Chief who holds a hereditary title within the Six Nations Confederacy, as Beaver Clan Onondaga Chief. The Torontoist failed to mention that there were Clanmothers and Faithkeepers on site that day and did not ask them any questions to see what they had to say about the situation. Very disrespectful of our women titleholders.  The author doesn’t know that these same and other women from Six Nations, came to High Park in the summer of 2009, and walked the park from the Bear Mound to the Snake Mound and determined that all of the mound sites in High Park needed to be preserved and protected at all costs. That’s the direction that THPS has followed in this issue and will continue to do so. The action of the Torontoist , along with all of the others named in an article posted on the Torontoist on April 21, 2010, to discredit the mounds in High Park, the Clanmothers, Chief Arnold General, THPS and Rastia’ta’non:ha, will only lead us to take further legal and civil action.

There is already a whole page on our website devoted to Mr. Williamson and ASI’s questionable activities Ron Williamson Not a Licensed Archaeologist  throughout Ontario, including Mr. Nahrgangs Kris Nahrgang questionable claims of being  a chief. Jet Island email-Kris Nahrgang (disgusting attitude towards the ancestors)

To address David Donnelly’s slander, a white lawyer, who claims to be a spokesperson for the Huron-Wendat. What’s your clan and nation David Donnelly? None you say, we knew that you are not Onge Onwe, as Michel Gros Louis ( Tharehtade) , traditional leader of Huron-Wendat questions your right to speak on behalf and represent the Huron-Wendat, as David Donnelly carries no wampum to speak on behalf of the Huron-Wendat nor does he legitimately represent the voices of all of the Huron-Wendat people.

Letter from Heritage Preservation Services 2008

The Torontoist also claims that Huron-Wendat represented by David Donnelly are and the Six Nations are satisfied with ASI’s reports on High Park that they are not mounds. Unfortunately the opposite is true, when it comes to the legitimate government of Six Nations Confederacy. Six Nations Confederacy Letter Concerning Mr. Williamson & ASI reports

Band Councils have no legal jurisdiction outside of their reserve boundaries, and should never be consulted when it comes to land or sacred site issues.

It was also mentioned that mounds in the Red Hill Valley turned out not be mounds, when Williamson and ASI doctored aerial photographs from the 1950’s. There is much evidence that they were mounds, including a report on “Pea Hill” , a 4,500 year old mound destroyed by Mr. Williamson and ASI within 2 hours with a backhoe, when bone fragments, red ochre, 2 pioneer children ( Lands) , and a copper axehead ( 4,500) years old had been found.Pea Hill Report Red Hill Valley.

There are some photographs on our website showing the destruction of the mounds, and a Neutral/Erie Longhouse village in the Red Hill Valley gallery

The Torontoist article from April 21, 2011 is shameful and loaded with a lot of lies and things that can easily be contested in a court of law. We are most certain that now you have put it in  writing and also provided names discrediting, slandering, defaming the mounds, Rastia’ta’non:ha, the Clanmothers, Chief Arnold General ,THPS, and all of our supporters, legal and civil action will take place very soon. Damages of our sacred sites and slanderous actions against us will be pursued.


Email from a supporter of the Mounds in High Park:
It is a sad day to report that the Ancestral Burial Mounds in High Park, Toronto, ONT are being allowed to be desecrated by the city and questionable leaders and archaeological “consultants”.  Especially unlicensed ones.
It is even sadder that a Seneca man who has devoted about 10 years of his life without personal gain or monetary reward, is being ridiculed as well.  It is saddest that an Onondaga Chief, Arnie General, is being made to look like a fool.
It is disgusting that Traditional Clanmother’s who visited the High Park Ancestral Burial Mounds on Monday, April 18, 2011, weren’t even interviewed in the articles.
And what are we going to do about it?
Well, we have “opponents” including one Chris Nahrgang, an alledged Kawartha First Nation’s “Chief” that no one ever even heard of until the last few years when some of the Archaeological “consultants” got involved with him.  Then, we have an attorney mentioned in the article that is SUPPOSEDLY representing First Nations, but apprently failed to do that at another location where hundreds of ancestral remains were destroyed in Canada. 
We have all kinds of people, claiming to be something that they are not,
OPPOSING the fact that there are Sacred  Ancestral Burial Grounds in High Park, Toronto.
Here’s the first slap in the face.  Read the comments from the article to get slapped again and again if you are an Indigenous Person.
Is the article about preservation or even investigation of High Park Mounds? Or more about denigrating the purpose of a People and propping up a BMX park there?  In Ontario, journalists bascially can have an opinion, but it is felt that this went too far.
Then another paper did this story:
Read the slap in the face. Then read the 125 comments to get slapped again and again.
Now read todays article and be sickened:
Now read the truth:
Pass this on and comment where you can. This is intolerable behavior on behalf of Toronto, the city, the “consultants”, the bureaucrats, and shameful of those who say they are representative and others are not. Every mound is sacred and deserves to be preserved, whether it is “culturally significant” (whatever that means), or a smaller number of ancestral remains in several ossuary “pits” which ground scanning methods have confirmed to be at High Park. 
These newspapers need a few good people to straighten out what the truth is in this matter.
I pray that you can help.
Feel free to circulate.  There is a “Refutation” on this site link. PLEASE comment there as well:
Now, there is a terrible racist post on the High Park Mound Video at youtube which affects ALL “Indigenous People”:
“Snake Mound” at:
The BMX’ers and Mountain Bikers who are destroying the Ancestral Burial Grounds with no regard for the laws on “No Biking”  are riding once again on The Mounds in High Park.
The racist post is very upsetting and should concern ALL of you.  Here’s the  racist comment/post from yesterday (apologies for the language, but the comment needs to be seen as it was actually posted , and responded to) :
“you fcucking stupid drunk crack head natives i was riding my bmx bike there today try and stop me from riding my bike in my citys park
2000kx125 17 hours ago “
If you are not an “Indigenous Person” nor live in Toronto, these words should still concern you!  There have been many more such comments directed toward those helping to preserve the Ancestral Burial Mounds, and we can only expect these kinds of comments to escalate as the warmer weather draws these law-breakers into the illegal area of the park.  If you have a youtube account, please consider posting something in response to this racist statement.  But, please do so “in a good way”.  No foul language please.  We ask that you send this email to your friends who may be able to help in anyway.  Through Prayer as well as action.
For those who have friends in Toronto please alert them to the upcoming event as per above. Attend if you can.  Media/reporters will also be at the event and are welcomed.
(Some reporters have been sent this email as well)
These kinds of abuses can NOT be overlooked and we cannot stand silent when this kind of racist and hate language (and actions by the bikers) is indulged in.
Please stand with those trying to overcome the illegal biking on the High Park Ancestral Burial Grounds by adding the videos and links to your youtubes and facebooks.  Please address this racist and hate-filled comment.  Please circulate this posting.  There are many who are in various groups which can help in this matter.  Let your voice be heard no matter where you are, that this kind of racist language is not acceptable anywhere!  And, of course, show support for those trying to Save High Park Burial Mounds of the Ancestors.
(The poster of this racist/hate language self-reports to be about age 41-45 at his profile link : He is not a child or youth who wants to ride his bike in an illegal and culturally important area of High Park in Toronto.  These kinds of statements are insulting to say the least. This is a very important issue. Niawen gowa in advance!
To address racism/hate, and to help in this matter on behalf of the Traditional  Indigenous People involved, feel free to send this to others who regularly correspond as well.  Prayer and help is requested.  Hopefully, this will reach at least upwards of 700 people by this posting alone. Imagine what Prayer (and action) can take place if all of you network and forward this or at least links and portions of this post as well to those who care about these kinds of issues, no matter where you are…

Kevin Bowser’s erroneous statements from the article:

he said. “That area has probably been used for biking for 20-30 years.”

Note: There is no proof that the area has been used for biking for 20-30 years, in fact others who have been using the area have stated that the major damages have occurred within the last 4-5 years. BMXing did not become popular in Toronto until the late ’90s.

Bowser said ” the city did at one time look into the history of the land and found no proof that the land was actually a burial ground at one time.”

Note: Robert Orr, an anthropologist, did find burials in High Park from 1885-1922. These burials have been recorded in news articles formerly the “Mail” now the Globe and Mail as well as Ontario Archaeological resources.

1922 High Park Site -Robert Orr Report

There has been enough archaeological material found on the surface of the ground, to prove that it is an archaeological site, many times over.

Kevin Bowser, manager of parks for the Etobicoke York District, said “no one is permitted in that part of High Park and staff is working with the police to enforce the law.”

Note: The agreement made with City Officials and Police with the Indigenous people and their supporters on August 28, 2010 did not include police enforcing the law on Indigenous people going to the site to hold ceremony. In fact an allowance was made with them to continue to hold ceremony at the site, and only bmxer’s and bikers would not be permitted at the site. Indigenous people have treaty rights which permits them to be there at any time, for fishing, hunting, gathering, camping and ceremonial rights. See treaties posted under links area. Indigenous people and their supporters will continue to use the area for ceremonies irregardless of Kevin Bowsers erroneous statements and methods will be used to stop the continued use by bikers and bmxers from further destroying our ancestors resting places. See report and map designating High Park with ANSI designation. All of the park is a protected zone.

High Park ESA Report

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Prior to settlement by Europeans, the areas now known as the Junction and Baby Point were forested by white pines. While the Wendat and Mississauga inhabited this land for periods of time, it remains a small part of the traditional homeland of the Iroquoian peoples, the Erie/Neutrals and Six Nations. The Junction as we know it, is part of an important Indigenous Peoples trade route that travels along the ancient shoreline of Lake Iroquois from Montreal to Detroit being used as such for at least 10,000 years. The Iroquois Lake Trail also intersected another ancient Indigenous Trade Route, the Carrying Place Trail, which followed the east side of the Humber, Onguiaahra Eagua, ( Little Thundering Waters), passing through the Erie/Neutral, Seneca, and Mohawk village of Taiaiako’n to Lake Simcoe, formerly Lake Toronto. The passageway from the west side of the Humber to the east side was at the village of Taiaiako’n , village at the crossing, which is where Toronto ( Gi:yondo, or Tondo) , got its name, meaning log in the water. There was a great white pine that laid across the Humber River where the people could cross the river and continue their journey on the Carrying Place Trail to the Lake Iroquois Trail. Traces of the existence of former trails remain in the road names: Indian Road, formerly a north-south trail, linking it with the Lake Iroquois Trail and Indian Road Crescent. The Indian Road Trail is now known as Parkside and Keele, a trail that was used by Indigenous peoples to travel to the area known as High Park, to bury their dead, as there are many burial and ceremonial mounds in High Park and area around the park . Indian Trail Road was renamed Parkside Drive and another street just to the east of Parkside Dr., was then renamed Indian Rd.

Map of Lower Humber Toronto
Map of Lower Humber Toronto
Map of Carrying Place Trail
Map of Carrying Place Trail
Map of Baby Point Site- Taiaiako'n
Map of Baby Point Site- Taiaiako’n
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Rebuttal to Ron Williamson

Indiana Jones Would Not Have Done Things This Way

By Jacqueline S. Homan

On September 2009, Archeological Services, Inc. (ASI), a firm owned by de-licensed archeologist Ron Williamson, presented a 19-page report to the City of Toronto Parks & Forestry Department concerning a contested mound site in High Park known as the Snake Mounds — a site that the Iroquois community holds is an ancient burial ground dating back 3,000 years or more.

The archeological report containing obscure, abstract jargon among its litany of big words, for which a glossary of terms was conveniently omitted, was prepared by Brian Narhi, Project Historian and David Robertson, Senior Archeologist and Project Manager, Debbie Steiss (Ron Williamson’s wife), Senior Archeologist & Partner, and Andrea Carnevale, Staff Archeologist. It claims that no evidence of any artifacts were found during ASI’s field investigation of Picnic Area 7 and the Snake Mounds portion of the park commonly referred to as the “Bike Pit” where BMX dirt bike ramps were built on the contested site. The executive summary reads as follows:

“The Stage 1-2 Archeological Resources Assessment of the High Park “Bike Pit” and Picnic Area 7 has been carried out in advance of any park management activities that may result in landscape alteration in either area. The Stage 1 assessment entailed consideration of the proximity of the previously registered archeological sites, the original environmental setting of the park, and its 19th and 20th century development history. The Stage 2 assessment involved completion of test pit surveys within both areas. No archeological remains were encountered during the field investigations. Accordingly, this report recommends that the Bike Pit and Picnic Area 7 may be cleared of any further archeological concern, with the proviso that the appropriate authorities must be notified should deeply buried archeological or human remains be encountered during any future work on the property.”

There are a few major problems with this report. First, there is only the say-so of ASI that 40 test pits of a depth of 6”-10” deep each were dug throughout the site on Friday September 4th 2009 before Labor Day weekend.  Curiously, the team did all of this test-pit digging within a span of three to four hours, quitting before noon — as normal for archeological field work on a Friday. What an amazing feat when you consider that no automation or machinery was employed to aid in their expedition.

Moreover, standard industry practice is that you dig until you hit clay. You don’t hit clay at 6”- 10” in Ontario, Canada. Further, no pictures document this “work.” There is only a picture of one test pit, and that one was dug on the outer perimeter of the Snake Mound in a location where nobody goes because it not conveniently accessible and it is overgrown with poison ivy.

Why would these “professionals” with their $64 million dollar vocabularies and their ability to compose lofty, intimidating word salads that merely serve to baffle the public, fail to use their impressive educations — signified by their fancy degrees commensurate with the intellectual prowess they claim to possess — choose the wrong area for their one and only test pit that was shown in the report?

Why choose the poison ivy patch on the outer region that is in a remote area where it is unlikely that anything would turn up? That leaves one wondering whether these “professionals” are really as smart and competent as they say they are. Or did they purposely choose an area for their test pit that was unlikely to support the Iroquois community’s claims of a burial site, knowing that they should have instead dug in the middle while deliberately misleading the public with their word salad that amounts to verbal fertilizer?

In their report they use terms like “Stage 1”, “Stage 2”, “flutings”, and “drumlinized” without defining them for lay people to be able to understand, even if they read it with an Oxford dictionary on hand to look up half of the jargon they used. There can be only two possible reasons for doing that. Either they want to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes to get away with something, or they want to puff themselves up with self-importance like peacocks showing off their plumage with the specific intent of belittling and disparaging the Iroquois First Nations community who advanced the claim of a historical burial site just to make the Native community look bad.

Yet, it is precisely these types of highly educated and economically successful professionals that always seem to float to the top of the socio-economic pool — just like excrement.

It takes an enormous amount of ego and shameless narcissism for privileged people to knowingly, consciously, and deliberately use their social class privileges, prestige, and advanced educations to get over on others — especially others who overwhelmingly rank among the most downtrodden in society — without any regard for their human rights; including their right to culture.

Stage 1 means doing a cursory walk-about, looking on the surface for any archeological remains on the ground. Stage 2 means doing a small, shallow test pit, digging only 6”-10” deep. Had ASI done a Stage 1 in the mounds area itself, the area where the BMX bike ramps were built, they would have found what I, myself, a volunteer, a parks department worker, and those in the First Nations community found during the week of the peace and restoration camp this past May. They would have found the large chunks of obsidian, arrowheads, the large amounts of red and yellow ochre (which are not commonly found in such large quantities as natural deposits in this area as this had to be harvested and transported from elsewhere), the bone fragment; or the marine sea shells (these were also used in some funerary rites) that are consistent with a salian coastal plane environment — not consistent with downtown Toronto, or the shores of fresh water bodies such as Lake Ontario or Lake Erie. [See more about the artifacts on the Taiaiako’n Historical Preservation Society website.]

ASI’s report refutes the claim that the Snake Mounds is an ancient burial site because, in their collective “expert” opinion, ASI’s team of archeologists think that the Snake Mound site in High Park was formed naturally by wind, water, and glacier retreat; using the term “drumlinized” to describe that.

But that doesn’t square with what others have found at the Snake Mound site. You would not find obsidian, mica, white clay, marine animal shells, or an arrowhead or a bone fragment or a piece of an ancient stone plate (commonly used in these sorts of burial mounds as a marker) in a drumlin. Nor would a drumlin have hollowed out subterranean chambers, which you can tell by walking over. Any rock or other substance left by glacial retreat in a drumlin would be consistent with those typically found in an area of glacial retreat.

So how did they miss all that?

Had these highly educated “professionals” chosen their test pit another 3-4 feet in towards the center from the outer-most rim, they would have found what we found: The first arrowhead, followed by the second arrowhead that was uncovered in the middle of the mound during the peace camp’s deconstruction of the BMX dirt bike ramps. So how did ASI’s team of “experts” miss all that? Did they deliberately want to miss it, and if so, whose interests are being served?

Owing to environmental assessments and policy, archeologists are only required to test 10% of any given site under question. How convenient that ASI picked the most obscure, outer-most region to do their test pit where you’re not likely to find anything. Coincidence?

The executive summary of their report clears the City of Toronto of any responsibility to protect the Snake Mound site, and gives the city the green light to develop that portion of the park in any way they want — including perhaps even selling off that portion of the park to wealthy private real estate developers. Who stands to benefit under that scenario, and at whose loss and expense?

Let’s be honest, shall we. It is no secret that government and a phalanx of upper-middle class highly credentialed experts serve the interests of those who have been the most enriched and who have received the most societal benefits from an entire system of unearned privileges — the sine qua non of colonialism, feudalism, and capitalism.

And it is also no secret that the winners of this same system conveniently created the rules to favor the most privileged, dismissing aboriginal people’s oral histories by only recognizing documentation including confusing and intimidating word salads that really don’t say anything or serve any function other than to uphold and perpetuate a system of unearned privileges designed to enrich a few at the expense of the many under the habiliments of “democracy.”

High Park ASI Archaeological Report 2009

Review of ASI High Park Stage 1&2

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Snake Mound Reconstruction

Snake Mound Reconstruction was started on May 13, 2011, with the help of  Taiaiako’n Historical Preservation Society, Friends of Snake Mound, people from Native Canadian Centre, High Park and Junction Area residents, Students and Staff of SEE School . Niawen gowa everyone for your all of efforts in helping this to be made possible.

Snake Mound May13
Snake Mound May 13, 2011
Snake Mound May 13
Snake Mound May 13, men set up camp
Snake Mound May13
Snake Mound May13 men set up camp
Snake Mound May13 2010
Snake Mound May13 2010 men set up camp
Camp at Snake Mound May 2011
Camp at Snake Mound May 2011
Illegal Bike Ramps leveled by Men May 2011
Illegal Bike Ramps leveled by Men May 2011
Red Ochre at Snake Mound May 2011
Red Ochre at Snake Mound May 2011
City Parks workers observing illegal bike ramp leveling May 2011
City Parks workers observing illegal bike ramp leveling May 2011
Thanks given to men for their hard work May 2011
Thanks given to men for their hard work May 2011
Anti Gary McHale Rally High Park May 2011
Anti Gary McHale Rally High Park May 2011
People moving logs into Place after May Anti McHale Rally
People moving logs into Place after May Anti McHale Rally
People moving logs after anti McHale Rally May 2011
People moving logs after anti McHale Rally May 2011
Snake Mound Planting of Corn, Beans & Squash
Snake Mound Planting of Corn, Beans & Squash
Snake Mound Reconstruction of Centre ( egg)
Snake Mound Reconstruction of Centre ( egg)
Snake Mound Reconstruction Hills of Corn, Beans & Squash
Snake Mound Reconstruction Hills of Corn, Beans & Squash

And then City Parks Workers destroy Centre of Snake Mound without consulting us first on June 17, 2011. Friends of Snake Mound Letters of Support

Friends of Snake Mound Beth McEwan from the parks board damages the work done to reconstruct Snake Mound

City Parks Workers Destroy Centre Circle of Snake Mound June 17, 2011
City Parks Workers Destroy Centre Circle of Snake Mound June 17, 2011
Centre of Snake Mound Destroyed by City Parks Workers, June 17, 2011
Centre of Snake Mound Destroyed by City Parks Workers, June 17, 2011
Centre of Snake Mound Destroyed by City Parks Workers, June 17, 2011
Centre of Snake Mound Destroyed by City Parks Workers, June 17, 2011

Sweetgrass and Sage Planting on June 18, 2011

Sweetgrass and Sage Planting June 18, 2011
Sweetgrass and Sage Planting June 18, 2011
Sweetgrass and sage planting June 18, 2011
Sweetgrass and sage planting June 18, 2011

And then sadness occurred at the Snake Mound during the night, when a group of sick people gathered and held an occult ritual at the Mound, damaging the green ash tree, leaving the traces of their evil deeds behind. They also practiced animal cruelty by beating a chipmunk to death, singing its tail, and cutting off two black squirrel tails.

Damage to tree by ritual vandalism June 17, 2011
Damage to tree by ritual vandalism June 17, 2011
Melted Black Candle Wax left by ritual vandalism June 17, 2011
Melted Black Candle Wax left by ritual vandalism June 17, 2011
message of undoing bad medicine to ritual vandalists, June 18, 2011
message of undoing bad medicine to ritual vandals, June 18, 2011
Chipmunk beaten to death by ritual vandalism June 17, 2011
Chipmunk beaten to death by ritual vandalism June 17, 2011
Squirrel Tail cut off by ritual vandalism June 17, 2011
Squirrel Tail cut off by ritual vandalism June 17, 2011
Squirrel Tail cut off by ritual vandalism June 17, 2011
Squirrel Tail cut off by ritual vandalism June 17, 2011

Sadness on June 18, 2011 when we found the dead chipmunk, squirrel tails, and tree damaged… On Sunday, June 26, 2011 we took our own action and re-constructed the inner circle, replanted a sweetgrass plant that had been pulled up by the bmxers and we also placed protection around the site with some of our medicines and sealed the wounds on the tree in the centre of circle. We repaired the cuts in the fence for the 5th time, as bmxers had been still riding on the site as we found their traces of tire tracks on both Saturday , June 18 & Sunday, June 26, 2011. Today, June 28, 2011 it was verified by one of our site monitors, that the city was installing the new permanent fence . Pictures to follow after the weekend of the new fence.

Contrary to what others are saying, this is only the beginning, as our work to preserve and protect the sacred sites in High Park is no where near finished.  We are also glad that Blu has confirmed that she is with us and still supporting the work of THPS in preserving and protecting the sacred sites in High Park. She has been a great help with her support and efforts to involve as many people as possible. Niawen gowa Blu and everyone!

Snake Mound Fence Cut South Entrance, June 10, 2011
Snake Mound Fence Cut South Entrance, June 10, 2011
Snake Mound Bike Tracks June 18, 2011
Snake Mound Bike Tracks June 18, 2011
Reconstructed Centre Circle, June 26, 2011
Reconstructed Centre Circle, June 26, 2011
Reconstructed Centre Circle, June 26, 2011
Reconstructed Centre Circle, June 26, 2011
Reconstructed Centre Circle, June 26, 2011
Reconstructed Centre Circle, June 26, 2011
Snake Mound Bike Tracks June 26, 2011
Snake Mound Bike Tracks June 26, 2011
Snake Mound Centre Circle still intact July 03, 2011
Snake Mound Centre Circle still intact July 03, 2011
Snake Mound Bike Tracks 7/03/2011
Snake Mound Bike Tracks 7/03/2011
Snake Mound Sweetgrass growth 7/03/2011
Snake Mound Sweetgrass growth 7/03/2011
Snake Mound Corn, Beans and Squash Growth
Snake Mound Corn, Beans and Squash Growth
Snake Mound Tobacco Growth, July 3, 2011
Snake Mound Tobacco Growth, July 3, 2011
Snake Mound New Fence Looking West, July 03, 2011
Snake Mound New Fence Looking West, July 03, 2011
Snake Mound Centre Circle still intact July 03, 2011
Snake Mound Centre Circle still intact July 03, 2011
Snake Mound Construction Fence run over by Bikers, July 03, 2011
Snake Mound Construction Fence run over by Bikers, July 03, 2011
Snake Mound Snow Fence removed South Half of site, July 03, 2011
Snake Mound Snow Fence removed South Half of site, July 03, 2011
Snake Mound New fence Looking South, July 03, 2011
Snake Mound New fence Looking South, July 03, 2011
Snake Mound New Fence & Sign July 10, 2011
Snake Mound New Fence & Sign July 10, 2011
Snake Mound New Fence looking North July 10, 2011
Snake Mound New Fence looking North July 10, 2011
Snake Mound New Fence Looking east July 10, 2011
Snake Mound New Fence Looking east July 10, 2011
Snake Mound New Fence Looking North July 10, 2011
Snake Mound New Fence Looking North July 10, 2011
Snake Mound New Fence Looking South July 10, 2011
Snake Mound New Fence Looking South July 10, 2011

** Mica , White Clay, Yellow Ochre, Red Ochre, and the Mound Plate with the Snake Mound carved in a pyramid like stone w/quartz all found along the new fence row on Sunday, July 10, 2011. More burial chambers have been located at Snake Mound. It’s apparent that the construction of the new fence has weakened the burial chambers because of much soil disturbance and loosening of the soil. In some areas the posts may have been driven right into the burial chambers. This will need further verification by non-intrusive testing, which will verify the presence of the burial chambers.

Snake Mound Plate July 10, 2011
Snake Mound Plate July 10, 2011
Snake Mound Mica July 10, 2011
Snake Mound Mica July 10, 2011
Snake Mound White Clay July 10, 2011
Snake Mound White Clay July 10, 2011
Snake Mound Yellow Ochre July 10, 2011
Snake Mound Yellow Ochre July 10, 2011

Ochre is often associated with human burials. Similar terms for ochre seen in scholarly records are ferrous oxide or iron oxide, limonite, hematite, red ochre and yellow ochreOchre comes in a variety of colors, from brown to red to yellow; and interestingly enough, it does change color under circumstances. Red ochre is associated with sesquioxide of iron (i.e., it forms in areas where the soil is well-drained), while the yellow ochre (called limonite or goethite) is hydrated iron oxide (i.e., where iron was allowed to freely combine with water). Yellow or brown ochre can turn to red as the mineral picks up water and converts to hematite. Ochre is very common on archaeological sites world-wide, and it is generally assumed to be a coloring agent. Often associated with religious ceremonies and burials.

* Please note the Clanmothers who have visited the site on July 3, 2011, feel that the new fence is not high enough to keep the bmxers out of the site. The new fence is only 4 ft high and the site can still be easily accessed.

Fall at Snake Mound Oct.09, 2011
Fall at Snake Mound Oct.09, 2011
Sweetgrass growth at Snake Mound Oct 09, 2011
Sweetgrass growth at Snake Mound Oct 09, 2011
Snake Mound Old Diagram
Snake Mound Old Diagram
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Gary McHale

The THPS is very concerned about McHale showing up in High Park and urge everyone to become educated about who he is and what he stands for. He could have a very negative impact on our communities. The below article is a comprehensive account of McHale’s place in the political landscape, Please read.

 below this article are links to more information about Gary McHale.

Anti-Native Activist Gary “I’m Not a Racist” McHale in Bed
With Canadian and American neo-Nazis

By Jacqueline S. Homan, author of Classism For Dimwits and Divine Right: The Truth is a Lie
Professional full-time conservative agitator and co-founder of CANACE, Gary McHale has a Wordpress blog listing him as a one-time candidate for political office in Haldimand Council, Ward 3 – Caledonia in the Canadian province of Ontario. His brief bio states that he has been a successful small business owner for over 30 years in the lucrative computer programming field, developing payroll and accounting software. He paints himself as the hard-working son of working class parents, as “one of six boys, three whom were born in Caledonia while his father worked in the town’s gypsum mines.” He also states that he worked hard all summer as a child, “haying and bringing in the grain from the fields.”
He furthered his education by attending a Baptist Seminary, the bastion of religiously inspired white male privilege and supremacy, and became a church deacon. He authored four right-wing Christian books and states that he “has a Christian duty to speak out against the injustices of race-based policy” that he claims is occurring whereby non-natives are the eternal victims of natives. Gary McHale is blind to his own unearned privileges (white male privilege) — he is convinced that he got everything all on his own merits. He ignores the fact that the escalator that carried him up to the comfortable echelons of upper-middle classdom is often broken for poor women, minorities, and First Nations people. In fact, for the latter group, the escalator runs in reverse — if it runs at all. McHale says that it is his Christian moral compass, his admiration for Dr. Martin Luther King, and his belief in the “rule of law” that motivate him. He professes a support for Israel as he is quick to claim that his beef with Canada’s indigenous First Nations people has nothing to do with racism. Indeed. Josef Goebbels, Hitler’s chief minister of Reich Propaganda would find himself outdone.
It is no accident that McHale usurps the language and status of Jewish Holocaust victims and other minorities in an endeavor to launch his anti-native platform. This tactic has been used time and time again by far-right radicals in the US, which propelled America into the fascist, militaristic klepto-plutocratic cesspool that it is now where 60 million Americans live below poverty with no jobs, no access to education and healthcare, and no welfare safety net other than the now-reduced food stamp program. As of December 31st 2010, approximately 10 million poor US households are without life-sustaining utilities (gas, electric, or water). Close to 70 million Americans struggle to live on less than $7/day (with food prices comparable to Canada’s) according Brookings Institute reports and the most recent US Census. All this in Christian “pro-life” America where 80% of all American women lack access to reliable contraception, 87% of all US counties lack abortion providers, 11 year-old rape victims are forced to give birth to their rapists’ progeny1, OB/GYN’s are gunned down in church by radical Christian “pro-lifers”, feeding poor homeless people has been criminalized2 — while poor American women suffer maternal injury, death and disability rates rivaling those of four sub-Saharan Third World countries according to the most recent reports from the World Health Organization and Amnesty International. Americans, especially poor women and children, are suffering horribly in this mess because of three decades of right-wing policies enacted in the wake of the same battle cries made by conservatives just like Gary McHale and white male supremacy groups like Northern Alliance.
In Canada, hate groups seek refuge by passing themselves off as legitimate political, religious, or academic movements — usually under the guise of free speech, taxpayer rights, and “getting tough on crime.” Many hate group members and their conservative fellow-travellers have joined mainstream political movements. The Canadian far-right ideology is gaining popularity among younger Canadians. The far-right is not a loose amalgamation of like-minded malevolent. It is a well-heeled vanguard movement of organized networks and individuals who are dedicated to promoting discrimination and hate to destroy the multicultural fabric of Canadian society. Gary McHale and company can spin it any way they want, but you can’t polish a turd. At nearly all of Gary McHale’s rallies and protests, members of Canadian neo-Nazi and white supremacy groups show up to support McHale and his group, CANACE. On October 15th 2007,Dave Ruud and other members of the Northern Alliance came out to support McHale inCaledonia to protest against the Six Nations’ reclamation of contested lands in Caledonia that were never ceded by the Mohawk clan mothers as required under treaty per Haudenesaunee custom under the Great Law. Ruud of Northern Alliance told Canadian news reporters, “The whole idea of land claims, reserves, is special treatment. The rest of us have to make a go of it on our own. This is special treatment. This is liberal policy, NDP, it’s a left-leaning policy. I don’t agree with any of it.” Canadians, be afraid. Be very afraid. Not of “Mohawk warriors” or “natives taking over”, but of the putrid tide of fascism that has seeped across the threshold of your doorsteps. It has now flooded your living rooms, masquerading as “law and order”, “family values”, and “government accountability.” Middle and upper class white male victimhood touted under and the banners of patriotism, “law and order”, “family values”, “free speech”, etc., is really nothing but mainstreaming the fascist,
theocratic, radical far-right.

Northern Alliance, based in London, Ontario was founded by a close associate of Holocaustdenier, Ernst Zündel. The group’s manifesto states it is opposed to abortion because “abortion stops a white heart.” Northern Alliance also argues that “only those with European ancestry should be permitted to become citizens of Canada.” This hate group also opposes interracial dating/marriage and same-sex marriage. Northern Alliance is affiliated with Aryan Guard, BC White Pride, the Imperial Klans of Canada, and the Brotherhood of Klans (BOK) — the largest Ku Klux Klan chapter in all of North America, which is headquartered not in rural Mississippi but in the outskirts of Regina, Saskatchewan. Northern Alliance is affiliated with other neo-Nazi
organizations around the world and in the US. Although Aryan Guard is supposedly officially defunct, it has reared its ugly head in the form of a racist far-right political organization known as the Canadian Association for Free Expression (CAFE)3 which was founded by prominent radical right-wing politician and Stormfront/White Pride member Paul Fromm — a major supporter and backer of Gary McHale. CAFE was exposed by the Nizkor Project, an online database that tracks and exposes anti-Semitic organizations, white supremacists, and other racist and misogynistic hate groups like the Edmund Burke Society4 which promotes conservative ideologies of “family values” and denounces reproductive choice, women’s rights and worker protection laws as “communist.” Paul Fromm and other members and founders of hate groups and their ultra-conservative fellow travelers are not merely operating on the periphery. They are politically active and provide financial succor to those who suborn fascism, oppression, and regimes of inverted totalitarianism. Political scientist Sheldon Wolin defined inverted totalitarianism as a form of fascist dictatorship that operates within the anonymity of the corporate state rather than through charismatic demagogues and “strong man” leaders of classical totalitarian regimes. These self-described martyrs and patriots are not victims — they’re proponents of white male supremacy. They appropriate the language of their victims. They target Jews while legitimizing their agenda by professing support for Israel and hijacking the victims of the Holocaust. They target non-whites and the poor while having the moxy to twist the quotes of Dr. Martin Luther King. They target women by claiming to promote “family values” and “fathers’ rights.” And they target First Nations/Native American indigenous people under the pretext of “law and order.”5

McHale’s prime benefactor and supporter Paul Fromm is also a prominent defender and ally of American neo-Nazi and former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard, David Duke of Louisiana. Fromm’s career as a professional hater is long. In 1981, Fromm became treasurer of the Metro Progressive Conservative Party. He was fired after he said in a newspaper interview that the idea of a supreme race “is a good idea” and that Indochinese refugees should be sent elsewhere because “their influx into Canada will upset the racial balance.”6 Fromm spoke at a Heritage Front rally on December 8th 1990 alongside members from some of the most extreme racist organizations in North America: the World Church of the Creator, Aryan Women’s Union, and Canadian Alliance. While speaking to the group of neo-Nazis, he said, “We’re all on the same side.” Fromm was greeted with the Nazi salute. Fromm denied being at the rally until a video later surfaced showing him speaking at the rally while surrounded by Nazi flags, swastikas, and White Power flags. Fromm was also a keynote speaker at another Heritage Front meeting on September 5th, 1991. About 2 weeks later on September 24th, Fromm was ejected from the Toronto Mayor’s Committee on Race Relations for yelling “Scalp ‘em!” in reference to aboriginal people while Rodney Bobiwash of the Native Canadian Friendship Center was speaking. As director of CAFE, Fromm actively supports well-known racists and Holocaust-deniers like Ernst Zündel and David Irving. On November 7th 1992, Fromm traveled to Victoria, BC to speak on behalf of David Irving (who was deported a week later). Fromm was also a speaker at a celebration of Hitler’s birthday in April 1992 at a meeting organized by the far-right Northern Foundation in Ottawa alongside the group’s leader, Ken Campbell. The Toronto Star reported on Fromm’s speech before the Heritage Front and his attendance at the Hitler birthday party. Fromm later claimed that he “didn’t know” about Heritage Front’s neo-Nazi views.
Fromm was surrounded by Nazi flags. He attends an Adolf Hitler birthday party. He tells Aryan supremacy groups that “we’re all on the same side” and screams that the Toronto mayor should scalp the natives. Yet he didn’t know he was cavorting with Nazi thugs and white supremacists.
Uh-huh. Right.
A 2000 report7 reveals that wealthy land developer Martin Weiche, a German-born Nazi who immigrated to Canada on November 13th 1951, financially backed Paul Fromm and mentored him on the neo-Nazi path. Weiche is the former leader of the Canadian Nazi Party and in 1981 he was implicated as a major financial backer of Operation Red Dog — a failed criminal plot to overthrow the Dominican government8.
In 2004, Paul Fromm and an entourage of fellow neo-Nazis and white supremacists were invited to Louisiana by David Duke9, former Republican Louisiana state lawmaker and Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, for the purpose of forming a “unity pact” between all neo-Nazi and white supremacy groups. Duke describes himself as a “racial realist.” He uses benign euphemisms to promote his male chauvinist neo-Nazi agenda by claiming to champion “family values” and “the rule of law.” Duke wrote a “self-help” book under the pseudonym Dorothy Vanderbilt titled Finders-Keepers aimed at poor white women, advising them to seek economic security by being dutiful bi-pedal house pets that obediently greet their white male masters of the universe at the front door after a day of domestic drudgery, ready to sexually service them like a porn star, and then trot off to
nurse their litter. This out-of-print book gives extensive advice telling women how to do vaginal exercises, perform fellatio, and admonishes them to be more receptive to anal sex in order to get and keep their alpha “prince.” (alpha dipshit is more like it.)
David Duke organized his neo-Nazi gathering after his release from prison in 2004, He had been in prison for tax fraud. The purpose for this meeting was twofold: unifying the neo-Nazi white supremacy movement and collaborating to sanitize its image along with that of their ultraconservative fellow travelers. Duke felt unification was necessary after the death of William Pierce, founder of the sexist and racist hate group National Alliance. Pierce is best known for his controversial novel The Turner Diaries, which he wrote under the pseudonym Andrew Macdonald. Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh was inspired by Pierce’s book. At Duke’s gathering on May 29th 2004, Paul Fromm signed this neo-Nazi unity pact that later became known as the New Orleans Protocol.10 Under this pact, all neo-Nazis and white supremacists and their ultra-conservative fellow travelers are to support one another. Other signatories include (but are not limited to):
M Don Black, former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan and founder of Stormfront. In December 2007, Black donated a sizable amount of money to Ron Paul’s (R-TX) 2008 presidential election campaign fund.11 M Willis Carto, a self-described “Jeffersonian and populist” who is famous for anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and Holocaust denial.12
M Kevin Alfred Strom, former managing director of Virginia-based neo-Nazi group known as National Vanguard. Strom plead guilty in 2008 to child pornography charges for which he was sentenced to 23 months in prison.13 In 2007, Paul From was a keynote speaker at a White Christian Revival meeting. On March 21st 2009, Fromm actively participated in a White Pride march in Calgary, Alberta that was organized by Aryan Guard — a neo-Nazi group whose name is synonymous with domestic terrorism and
violence, including random pipe bomb attacks. Surprisingly, Fromm was allowed to run for federal political office despite his active support for, and association with, racist criminals and terrorists. He was a candidate running on an anti immigration platform with the radical ultra-right wing Western Block Party. Did you hear that, boys and girls? A racist supporter of domestic terrorism whose benefactor was a rich Nazi is allowed to run for public office while his patriotic conservative protégés, Gary McHale and Mark Vandermaas, play the martyrs as they sing the “lawless and lazy Indians” blues.

But McHale and company aren’t bigots, right? They just provoke confrontation while calling native rights activists “terrorists”, “lazy Indians”, and “thugs” while their buddy calls for city officials to “scalp them.” Gary McHale and Mark Vandermaas claim they’re not prejudiced against First Nations people —they just attract neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and anti-native bigots by accident. Fromm was also an advocate for Glenn Bahr, who referred to First Nations people as “vermin”— which is the exact same terminology used by the Nazis in reference to Jews. On December 1st 2006, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal found Bahr guilty of violating the Canadian Human Rights Act.
Other associates of Fromm’s include former Internet service provider, Bernard Klatt of BC and far-right wing activist and Canadian lawyer Doug Christie, Jr. who specializes in representing neo-Nazis, Holocaust deniers and anti-native bigots. Doug Christie’s client list includes Ernst Zündel, Rudy Stanko (of the World Church of the Creator), and accused Nazi war criminal Imre Finta. Although Imre Finta was acquitted in 1990, he was reportedly a member of Hungary’s Nazified police force, the Arrow-Cross, and assisted in the liquidation of the Szeged ghetto (home of Eli Wiesal) and the forced deportation of the Jews of Szeged to Auschwitz. Paul Fromm did not merely dabble in anti-Semitism and flirt with racism; he devoted his entire life to promoting neo-Nazi ideologies and supporting and mentoring upcoming fascist protégés. Just as he was backed by Martin Weiche, he now backs and supports Gary McHale and recruits other new would-be Nazis into the fold — targeting university students, patriots, and others with socially
conservative views. Is it reasonable to believe Gary McHale’s claims that he’s not a racist or a neo-Nazi as he points out that he and Mark Vandermaas are supporters of Israel by virtue of a link on their website? Klaus Barbie —“the Butcher of Lyon” — one of many infamous top Nazi war criminals that escaped justice at the post-war tribunals courtesy of the Vatican rat-line, also supported Israel from his new life as a Latin American cocaine kingpin by shipping armaments to Israel despite an embargo at the time. That didn’t make him any less of a Nazi who had sent thousands of France’s Jews from Drancy to their deaths. Is it reasonable to believe that Klaus Barbie wasn’t a bigot because he supported Israel? Every town that Gary McHale and his group descend upon, white supremacists and neo-Nazis show up to give their support. They’re drawn to him like maggots to bad meat.

McHale calls himself a civil rights activist. He claims he wants equal rights for all Canadians, and that he’s unfairly tarred with the racist brush when he’s just a social justice activist out for fairness and equity. If that were true, then why did he accept backing and support from a rabid neo-Nazi like Paul Fromm who called for the scalping of native people? Why did he accept support from white supremacist Dave Ruud of Northern Alliance at Caledonia in 2007?
If McHale is truly for equal rights and fairness, why did he not instead seek out support and help from Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center which is dedicated to promoting peace, tolerance, and social justice? Isn’t that something a legitimate and reasonable civil rights advocate would do? Gary McHale points to the crisis at Caledonia and Oka, conjuring up fearsome images of violent Mohawk warriors to whip up public panic. He uses the picture of the native Unity flag (the “Mohawk Warrior flag”) and the photo of Sam Gualtieri, the badly beaten builder who got into an altercation with natives at Caledonia’s Douglas Creek Estates, to reinforce anti-native sentiments among the non-native population. He came to High Park in Toronto, telling anyone who would listen that they were in danger from Mohawk warriors and the presence of the “Mohawk warrior flag” proved it — referring to the Unity flag that was present during the
encampment of native people who were there with the city’s permission to do restorative work in High Park. But what Gary McHale can’t seem to explain is why the situations in Oka and Caledonia got volatile in the first place. Not too far from the Canadian-US border in western upstate New York sits a large Iroquois reserve and in the middle of that reserve sits the town of Salamanca — right on native lands belonging to Haudenesaunee people. Salamanca has a lot of non-native residents. They’re surrounded by native people. Yet, the people coexist peaceably and seem to be able to get along. To the best of my knowledge, there has never been an “Oka” or “Caledonia” type of crisis
there in my lifetime of 44 years.
2 “Three Arrested, Accused of Illegally Feeding the Homeless”, Susan Jacobson, Orlando Sentinel, June 2nd
2011; “Food Not Bombs Group Arrested For Feeding Homeless, Violating Orlando Ordinance”, Sarah Anne
Hughes, Washington Post, June 3rd, 2011.
5 http:/// and
7 http://en.wikipedia/wiki/Paul_Fromm
8 http://en.wikipedia/wiki/Martin_Weiche
10 http://en.wikipedia/wiki/New_Orleans_Protocol
11 http://en.wikipedia/wiki/Don_Black_(white_nationalist)
12 http://en.wikipedia/wiki/Willis_Carto
13 http://en.wikipedia/wiki/Kevin_Alfred_Strom
So, the real question is not whether the Unity flag is a Mohawk warrior flag, or if “the natives get
special treatment” from law enforcement. The real question is what are the people in
Salamanca, New York doing right that so that they’re able to get along?
Jacqueline S. Homan holds a Bachelors degree in mathematics with a minor in physics. Coming from deep
poverty in a Philadelphia ghetto, she is a social justice advocate for America’s poor and a freelance
journalist and the author of four nonfiction books and several articles on medical ethics. She has been to
several Cree reserves in the interior of BC in the Canadian Rockies , Alberta, and Saskatchewan. Her
books, available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble, are: Classism For Dimwits, Eyes of a Monster,
Nothing You Can Possess (in revision), and Divine Right: The Truth is a Lie.

Anti Native Activist Gary “I am not a Racist” McHale in Bed with Canadian and American Neo Nazis

June, 2011

Gary McHale (McFail) fails at explaining the unity flag which he calls the Mohawk Warrior Flag, and states in his comment that it was not created by a Mohawk, (Loius Karomaktajeh Hall). It was not created by organized criminals as you suggest. You did not think that any of us would look up the document you referenced. We did and found you to be twisting the words of the 238 page document by Kahntinentha, to suit your own sick twisted agenda. What a crock of Otah you are Gary McHale ( McFail)  Unity Flag Document

McHale thinks that yesterday was a victory for him, since we did not respond to his non-sense the way he wanted to.

We will be meeting with Richard Ubbens on Friday and letting him know that we do not accept the cities archaeological report on the Snake Mound site as valid, since it was authored by Mr. Ron Williamson, an unlicensed archaeologist, of 11 years whom also has a questionable history throughout southern Ontario. This was no victory for McHale as he claims, as he received no media coverage as they left as soon as they got there and found that nothing was happening. We will see how fast the media comes the next time he tries to call them. His support group of maybe 10 people, is quite laughable.
As there were about 30 people who came out in support of THPS and Friends of Snake Mound. Again McHale thinks that the Unity Flag is a Mohawk Warrior Flag, which it is not, as Ubbens stated he didn’t know the significance behind it. Ubbens will be get re-educated about the Unity Flag on Friday, by real natives. Not phoney natives, like Kris Nahrgang, who claims to be a First Nations Chief of Kawartha First Nations, a community made up of very few people, ( he claims to have a band of over 700 people, when the population of Burleigh Falls is less than 100) , who are not recognized by the Federal government as a legitimate First Nations community, and do not hold any treaty rights as Kris Nahrgang claims, as Nahrgang himself is actually German descent, and not First Nations as he claims. The genealogy he publicly presents as his own, is actually of the Weatung family from Curve Lake, a family non-related to Kris Nahrgang, He is another person who is under scrutiny as being real by many Indigenous people, including Kahntinentha of MNN.
This is no victory for McHale!

Indigenous Peoples’ Rights and Social Justice is Not “Special Treatment” Regardless of What Big Money and Big Oil Say

By Jacqueline S. Homan, author: Classism For Dimwits and Divine Right: The Truth is a Lie

Regarding the rights of indigenous peoples, the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) states:

“In many regions of the world, indigenous peoples have been, and are still being, discriminated against and deprived of their human rights and fundamental freedoms…they have lost their land and resources to colonists, commercial companies, and State enterprises. Consequently, the preservation of their culture and their historical identity has been, and still is, jeopardized. The Committee calls in particular upon States parties to:

Recognize and protect the rights of indigenous peoples to own, develop, control, and use their communal lands, territories, and resources where they have been deprived of their lands and territories traditionally owned or otherwise inhabited or used without their free and informed consent, to take steps to return those lands and territories…”

Human rights advocates drew upon this to form the Inter-American Human Rights System (OAS). Under the American Declaration on the Rights and Duties of Man, many of the same rights as those enumerated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are affirmed — including the right to property. To wit:

Article 23: “Every person has a right to own such private property as meets the essential needs of decent living and helps to maintain the dignity of the individual and of the home.”

Sadly, there is a prevailing sentiment among many, a byproduct of centuries of redistributive colonialist injustices that dismisses aboriginal peoples as “savages” with no human rights— including the right to property. Churches and corporations — which are not individual persons or human beings — are allowed to own private property. Why shouldn’t First Nations/Native American people be accorded that same respect and right in their own country?

Canadian Conservatives like Gary McHale and Mark Vandermaas claim they stand for “equal rights for all Canadians”; that nobody should receive special privileges at the expense of another. Under the OAS, “equal rights” means that if you expect to have your property rights recognized in accordance with your customs and traditions, you must also recognize and respect aboriginal peoples’ property rights under their laws, norms, customs, mores and traditions. And under indigenous people’s property systems, aboriginal peoples have property rights that are recognized by the OAS as being no less valid that Mr. McHale’s or Mr. Vandermaas’s, or yours or mine. That, my friends, is what “equal rights” really means.

Go out to any First Nations/Native American community — the people know their property rights. They know where their trap line is. They know where their communal farmland is. They know where their sacred sites and burial places are. They have property rights — they’re just not titled by the State.

In modern international law, all peoples are to be treated equal. That means that non-native property titling mechanisms are on equal par with — NOT superior to — indigenous property-holding traditions. The State cannot extinguish aboriginal property rights.

In the case where a non-native person or corporate entity paid money for real property to some third party (i.e. the State) when that property really belonged to indigenous people who did not consent to said sale/property transfer, and is then compelled to return that land to its indigenous owners who are exercising their aboriginal customs and traditions and asserting their claims to that property, then the State is obligated to fully compensate the non-aboriginal titled owner for that land and return that land to its aboriginal owners.

Gary McHale, co-founder of CANACE, and Mark Vandermaas, founder of Voice of Canada, have a habit of traveling to areas of Native protests to create dissention and public panic by citing the Caledonia incident. Their tactics are best described as “stochastic terrorism” — using language and/or imagery to inflame people and possibly incite some racist and/or sexist “lone wolf” into carrying out a racially motivated crime with the deliberate intent to cause bodily harm; which helps shed some light on the cause behind Canada’s missing and murdered aboriginal women and the practice of “starlighting” aboriginal men and youth like 17 year old Neil Stonechild who was found with handcuff gashes on his face, missing a shoe and proper outerwear, frozen to death in the frigid sub-freezing Saskatchewan winter temperatures. Dying from hypothermia is a long and excruciatingly painful death.

On McHale’s Caledonia Wakeup Call website, he announced his May 28th 2011 anti-Native rally in High Park where he planned to distribute fliers to the public stating that Natives were taking over the park, forbidding Blacks and Jews (and non-Natives in general) from accessing the public park, admonishing everyone in Toronto to remember the violence that erupted at Caledonia and recognize the “eminent danger” they were in because High Park was being “occupied by Mohawk warriors” and that the presence of the Six Nations Confederacy flag along with the “Mohawk Warrior flag” proved it.

What he left out, however, was the fact that the Native and non-Native people encamped in the park were there with the city’s permission to do volunteer restorative work to repair damage done by BMX bikers, and that there were city employees coming to lend a hand and show support. Hardly a hostile takeover, or as Joe Warmington of the Toronto Sun said, “a mini-Caledonia.”

McHale, who presents himself as an expert on the meaning of various First Nations flags, apparently did not understand the history behind the Six Nations Confederacy flag. Nor did he understand the unity by virtue of treaty between those of us living in the Iroquois region and our Native brethren signified by the two-row wampum belt with that same Six Nations Confederacy flag design also featuring William Penn —a treaty between the Haudenosaunee peoples and the settlers to their region. When the People of the Longhouse entered into that treaty, it was one of honour and mutual respect. It was not merely some impersonal capitalist concoction of temporary trade and commerce.

It meant that we, who live among our Haudenosaunee brothers and sisters on their traditional territories, should share equally in each others’ good times as well as bear an equal share in each others’ hard times if misfortune should beset either of our peoples — for as long as the river flows and the grass grows. The treaty relationship is far deeper and far more personal than that of commerce and trade; it is one of love, honour, respect, equality and community. It is a relationship of brethren, of mutual aid in times of distress when our brethren are facing an outside threat; not one of paternalism and subservience. But Gary McHale doesn’t understand that language of flags and treaties. And sadly, neither do many others.

UN Declaration on the Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Article 27: “States shall establish and implement, in conjunction with Indigenous peoples concerned, a fair, independent, impartial, open and transparent process, giving due recognition to indigenous peoples’ laws, traditions, customs and land tenure systems, to recognize and adjudicate the rights of indigenous people pertaining to their lands, territories and resources, including those which were traditionally owned or otherwise occupied or used. Indigenous peoples shall have the right to participate in this process.”

Gary McHale and company purport to support “the rule of law.” The question is does Mr. McHale understand the “rule of law” framed, outlined and upheld by the Inter-American Human Rights Tribunal?

More to the point: who funds ultra-right wing individuals and groups, their neo-Nazi fellow travelers and the ultra-conservative political candidates they support? Who really stands to benefit from abrogating indigenous peoples’ rights in a fascist agenda cloaked under the guise of “law and order”? Follow the money.

Billionaire Koch Brothers’ Tentacles of Greed Reach Deep Into Northern Lands

The Koch brothers’ financial conduit, Americans for Prosperity, organized the ultra-conservative, anti-poor, anti-woman, anti-healthcare Tea Party rallies in the US. They also funneled millions of dollars into groups promoting climate change skepticism, including Canada’s Fraser Institute.

Koch Industries is the biggest company most Canadians probably never heard of, but thanks to the Internet and watchdog groups such as, information is accessible at an unprecedented speed and is readily available at your fingertips.

Koch Industries and its subsidiaries currently operate in seven Canadian provinces, employing about 2,400 people in manufacturing, trading, chemical production, marketing and sales.[1] According to a March 30th 2010 Greenpeace report, Koch holds multiple land leases in Alberta’s tar sands region. Since the 1990’s, Koch-owned pipeline companies such as Flint Hills Resources has operated the pipelines that carry the tar sands crude oil from Canada into Minnesota and Wisconsin where Flint Hills Resources owns and operates oil refineries.[2]

Billionaire Koch brothers David (CEO of Koch Industries) and Charles (Vice President of Koch Industries) are using their vast fortune to influence the Canadian and US political regimes and shape laws and public policy. Especially energy policy. They bankrolled the Fraser Institute with $175,000 between 2005 and 2008. The Fraser Institute is a libertarian ultra-right wing think tank based in Vancouver, BC.

On page 2 of its 2005 annual report, the Fraser Institute featured a picture of Michael Walker with US Vice President Dick Cheney followed by a picture of now-Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, attending the Institute’s annual general meeting.[3] The Kochs fund other ultra-right wing think tanks, academic groups, and “grassroots” political organizations like the Tea Party and its Canadian contemporaries — many of which (like CANACE and Voice of Canada) have links to neo-Nazi and white supremacy groups. Racism, patriarchy, fascism, sexism, misogyny, classism and an entire array of systemic redistributive injustices stemming from colonialism blend together like alphabet soup.

It is no accident that Gary McHale and his sympathizers (some who referred to Native Canadians as “terrorists with feathers in their hair”) are backing Tim Hudak, the leader of Ontario’s Conservative Party. Conservative groups are the Koch brothers’ pawns.

Hudak wants to gut the Ontario Green Energy Act, even though the piece of legislation has been described as the “single best green energy program” in North America that has created a lot of jobs and is posed to create many more.

Hudak, as part of the Koch brothers disinformation and propaganda machine, cited a fraudulent study (“the Spanish Study”, which was thoroughly discredited) claiming that the Green Energy Act costs a net loss of jobs. This “study” was funded by the American Energy Alliance, a libertarian think tank funded by Exxon-Mobile and Koch Industries.[4]  The Spanish Study was debunked by the Spanish government, the US Dept. of Energy, and the Wall Street Journal — not  exactly the cradle of leftist thought and politics. But apparently, the Toronto Sun didn’t get the memo. Instead of being the watchdog of democracy, it looks more like the lapdog of the elite — much like Fox News and CNN in the states.

As a Koch brothers uber-right wing pawn, Tim Hudak panders to racist beneficiaries of unearned privileges who despise the poor, First Nations people, and other marginalized or disadvantaged groups.

The Koch brothers’ dystopia is made possible by a lot of bigots and a lot of greedy, self-centered people — many who champion “charter equality”, and government cuts to social programs for the poor under the guise of “eliminating wasteful spending” and “getting tough on crime”; which always — without exception — targets indigenous people and the poor.

Billionaire mega-criminals like the Koch brothers have their hacks in mainstream media, like the National Post, that are all too eager to give them a free pass to continue raping the world with impunity in exchange for a comfortable middle class paycheck and a false sense of importance that they wear as badges of smug superiority.

The Koch brothers and their “homies” in the Multinational Corporate Klepto-Plutocracy would just as quickly poison the water used in Joe Warmington’s latte as they do to the ground and drinking water in Cree country in the Canadian prairies. And they have a willing army of middle class conservative voters ready to help them do it — like rats following the Pied Piper, dancing mindlessly like marionettes to the symphony of destruction. The Koch brothers are the prime beneficiaries posed to gain if the Keystone XL Pipeline is approved — which will not alleviate the fuel-poverty of tens of millions of poor Americans struggling to live without adequate employment opportunities or an economic safety net. Instead, that project will be a Tar Sands Road to China.[5]

So if you want to see what’s really behind the violation of aboriginal peoples’ human rights and the engine driving the cultural racism machine, follow the money: It’s the billionaire oil tycoons and other filthy rich mega-criminals and their phalanx of middle class economic hit-men. They’re the ones benefiting by promoting and perpetuating redistributive injustices and ongoing ill-will between the descendents of the colonizers and the descendents of the colonized. They stand to lose if we actually begin to like each other, stand up for each other, and support each other and work together to save Mother Earth and strive for social justice. And justice is what love looks like in public.

[2] “Refinery Takes Canadian Oil and Turns It Into Gasoline For Wisconsin”, Richard Mial, LaCrosse Tribune, Monday March 8th 2010;

[4] “Kochs Invade Canada”, Chris Genovali, Huffington Post, January 21st 2011;

[5] “Why Keystone Pipeline Will Weaken the US”, Andrew Nikiforuk, The Tyee, May 27th 2011;

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Everyone Welcome to our first Snake Mound Gathering of the Spring/Summer season:

Map to Snake Mound:



Local residents have come together to form the Friends of Snake Mound and together with the Taiaiako’n Historical Preservation Society are celebrating the coming of Spring and gearing up for a Summer of work at Snake Mound with this very important community event. Please come and show your support and pay respects to members of the Six Nations who will be present, and share their time and knowledge with us on this important issue.


Press Release: Serpent Mound Brochure

Information Pamphlet: HPM press release

Dance for the Ancestors at Snake Mound on, Saturday, November 06, 2010 @ 10:00 am.  See you there!

October 23, 2010

The Ogii:Wii, Feast for the Ancestors at Bear Mound was beautiful. About forty or fifty people joined the Taiaiako’n Historical Preservation Society for this timely ceremony. At one point at there were about 80 people who took part in the pipe ceremony. We had wonderful songs and drumming, stories shared, and feasting.


UPDATE FROM  FEAST FOR THE ANCESTORS ( Ogii:wii) , held Saturday, October 23,2010 @ 12:00 pm.

From Two Feathers Down:skennen gowa jagadehgah,ohio bob parins stated that all went well.  four people were at the drum backed up by another group in washington state, names unknown.  several from the public participated.  they were not allowed to build a fire but offered tobacco and smoked pipe.  at end of ceremony a yound bald eagle flew over, picking up the prayers to creator.  ohio bob thinks if we do this same thing next year we should move to a medicine wheel in this same mound region of old origin.  many thanks to all at serpent mound ohio. many others in the west also prayed and reported great things happened.  giving protection and harmony.  much thanks for prayer coming from wisconsin, mounds.myself and three more gathered for pray lodge run by swift buckskin horse,  old time sundancer and grandpa.  also two newbees came to lodge.  three pipes and much tobacco burned.  i must say it was a great lodge, and the prayers went out.  i was also told of another group in tennessee that formed to pray names unknown.the east door had some trouble with expected attendance. several drummers could not make it because of work and other emergencies, however ray johnson reported four people using big drum and hand drums.  they felt the prayers were heard and good things coming.  feast and fire was great.  it is good to honor the ancestors in unity.  ray gave much thanks for the honor.gigageu galvlou/ micheal redsky conducted a lodge in new york, hudson river.  i will send you his email when i receive it.  i like the location.

to the many that stood where they were at or went to a special place the numbers were considerable that gave a moment of prayer and honor to the ancestors many with fire and tobacco.  thanks people

i believe the ancestors heard and felt our love.  i hope healing (bear) and protection (wolf) now surrounds the mounds and those that work that volunteer job.  to me it was one of those great days that will be remembered.

peace love honor and respect
two feathers down/bee man

From Cedar Heart:

yoh nii njoos minqua two feathers down,
We here at Turkey Town took time to speak to Creator on Saturday and ask for all things to move in a goos way for our brothers in Toronto. We burned tobacco as we spoke with Grandfather.
We trust that all will turn to the good for The People.
laapi-uch kuneeawuol!
A prayer from Chuck Vanperson:
Chuck Vanperson  ( slays afar  )  of the Mingo drum prayer for the mounds
From Water Ghost Woman ( ceremonial leader, Thunderbird Mound)
Dear Brother!

Us at the Thunderbird mound had an incredible day filled with magic and good medicine…the ancestors are in peace, Mother Earth had been nurished….I am happy

Many blessings


Water Ghost Woman

…Rick reported from Tabor Hill that all went well and that about 20-25 who participated. He stated that the fire department showed up and circled around the mound 3 times but did not bother them.

Bob Parins in Ohio stated that he had contacted the Serpent Mounds before the ceremony and got verbal permission from a woman to have sacred fire at the Serpent Mound. When he arrived, there is a permanent fire pit located near the pavilion with s supply of wood. Bob began to start the fire for ceremony in the fire pit that he thought they could use. A park manager came out and stopped them from having sacred fire and stated that they could not have a fire there. *** This is a violation of the Native American Religious Freedom Act of 1976 and our treaty rights to have access to our sacred sites for ceremony at any time.  This parks manager needs some education on Native rights.

We also had some interference from the Bird Watchers at Bear Mound, as they called the police and fire dept on us. A Sgt. Costos of Div. 11 showed up and was going to call in more police forces to stop us because he was told that we only had a permit for burning sweetgrass!  How absurd! It was a good thing we had a permit from the City stating that it was for a fire pit, which we provided, and not for just burning sweetgrass. After Sgt Costos saw the permit, he called off the other police force that he radioed for. He stated he would just hang around to monitor us to make sure that there would be no trouble as there has been down at the Snake Mound.

The ceremony began on time at the Bear Mound, despite an attempt to stop it. As soon as the drums played which, there 10 drums there, Sgt. Kostos took off. A red tailed hawk circled above us at the Bear Mound during our ceremony.

Later when speaking to Water Ghost Woman, she informed us that Sgt. Costos had showed up at the Thunderbird Mound with an entirely different attitude. He offered his assistance and Water Ghost Woman invited him to come and be a part of the ceremony.  Very positive outcome in turning someone who had negative intentions at the Bear Mound, and he in the end was more respectful of our ceremonies.

These are just a few of the many positive experiences from this years ceremony. And people are already talking about next years ceremony and how they can work to build unity!

At various locations across Turtle Island we have received positive reports and only a couple of incidents with local authorities, that need to be addressed to ensure that these incidents do not happen again at our sacred sites.

Niawen gowa ancestors, elders and the many people across Turtle Island… Much positive change will now occur for all of humanity.

Nya:wen Sge:no;

We will be meeting at the Snake Mound on Sunday, October 17, 2010 @12, to finalize the ceremony on October 23, 2010, and to be there to monitor the site. It will be nice day, and we hope to see many of you there.

Niawen skenon! Oneh! In peace,

Rastia’ta’non:ha,Onǫdowa’ ga:’ Otahyo:ni:
Director Täiäiäkó’n Historical Preservation Society
(member HPACC)

An Ogii:wii (Feast for the Ancestors) will be held on October 23rd at the Bear Mound in High Park



poster by: Catherine Tammaro@Tammaro Art Design

The ceremony begins at 12:00 noon sharp. The location is just north of Grenadier Cafe in the Maple grove just below Bear Mound (called Hawk Hill by High Park)

Everyone is Welcome, bring food, drums and shakers….

This ceremony will be held concurrently with ceremonies at other sites across Ontario and into the United States. These sites form a line across that landscape and are a part of the energetic web of the medicine wheel.


We received this email from Two Feathers Down/Bee Man, Mingo, Wolf Clan from Kentucky as he working hard to mobilize people south of the imaginary line about the ceremony on October 23, 2010 and the mounds issue in High Park:

eh skennen gonwa/aninn/osiyo qriginal people,I apologize for not getting this info out sooner but my plate has been full, however it seems like everything is being accomplished ok.  The purpose of asking everyone who desires to join in prayer during this ceremony on 23 oct at high noon is to ask for a healing change for the mounds in high park, toronto, canada.  If you would also mention rastia’ta’non:ha (res-tea-a-da-noon-ha) and ask for help to come to him that he needs.  That will cause positive outcome.  There has been threats and hostilities that came close to killing or injuring one of the women that has so diligently guarded these mounds along with several other dedicated people.  Once the destruction of these mounds has come to a halt there will be a great need of many things that will recover and protect these mounds.  Some type of vegetation will be needed to grow under white oaks that will keep the erosion from causing more continued destruction.  Replacement of the soil that has already disappeared will be needed.  The people (they call themselves the high park boys) that are causing the destruction needs a change of heart (in a good way) that would make them aware of the problems they are causing.  Hoping they will join in with the protection and help fix the problems they have caused.  The city officials and police need to join in with and have earnest attitudes and desires to protect the history and sacred grounds that are now under their city limits.  Our Ohio grounds are a match to these mounds in Toronto.  What has come to me while working with Rastia’ta’non:ha is if we can unite over this problem, later we will be able to unite over much greater problems.  This unity will go on to the seventh generation and further.The attachments on Rastia’ta’non:ha’s high park efforts will give info on how to be involved in Toronto, the north door.  at the Serpent Mound in Ohio, Bob Parin will have the big drum there.(740 332 0334) .  Please contact him for the west door efforts.  The south door will be handled by Swift Buckskin Horse with a lodge at his house.  For directions to his house call me at 606 237 4692.  The east door will be handled by Ray Johnson, snake clan in eastern pa.  His contact number is 717 983 0836.  please do not wait until the 23 rd to get directions because most of us will be unreachable at that time.  If you cannot make these doors, then I ask you to step outside build a little fire, say your prayers and place your tobacco in the fire, accompanied with a spirit feast..  pipes and lodges from every where are requested and desired.  For the ones that walk on other paths, please say a prayer in your way at this time.  Any questions concerning this ceremony can be directed to me through email until 21 Oct.  let us unite in prayer for this effort in peace love and harmony.Two Feathers Down/Bee Man
Mingo, Wolf

The Thunderbird Mound ǫeremony will be handled by Water Spirit Woman in conjunction with the ceremony at the Bear Mound and Tabor Hill as well as other sacred sites.

Here is a map of the area where the Thunderbird Mound for those who like top attend the ceremony there across the street from 2 Varsity Lane, Toronto, On.


Tue, 12 Oct 2010 13:07:28 -0400

Nya:wen Sge:no,

I got a hold of Dan Murnahan, and gave him an update, on our findings at the Snake Mound. He stated that everything else is on hold currently, outside of the maintenance of the signs, the barricade, and making sure that the police are being consistent.

I informed him that the bikers are still determined to use the site for illegal biking purposes, and building more ramps, as we found a camping shovel hidden in the bushes on Saturday. I informed him that 31+ bikers tried to access the site on Saturday afternoon and the police were called. The police did show up in 5 minutes after they were called and chase the remaining group down that tried to come into the Mound area.

I also let Dan know that the there is a sign and a half up right now. He also was told that the bikers have been coming in the evening to re-build and build more ramps.

I informed Dan the police have not been consistent in enforcing the by-law as they promised and it is sending the wrong message to the bikers.

He stated he would get in touch with Helen Sousa, Kevin Bowsher, Jortge Toure, and Sgt. Anders of Div 11.

The other man that was with him from the parks that day on August 28 was Peter Lees.

He stated he would get Jorge to go down and fix the barricades to make it harder for them to be tipped over, and put up more new signs. He appreciated the follow up and asked that we keep in touch with him with any new developments.

October 3, 2010

We feasted at the Snake Mound in celebration of our new meeting place which had been disrupted over the week and was in need of minor re-building. After we finished that we cleaned up a lot of litter that was around; since we clean every week what was there was only one weeks worth.  Again there were beer cans and this time some drug paraphernalia. The only “No Cycling” sign that remains is now been torn in half, and has “Only” written above the symbol of the cyclist. We discussed how the city and police haven’t kept their side of the agreement that was made on August 28th and we are now in the process of drafting them a letter encouraging them to open up lines of communication with the Taiaiako’n Historical Preservation Society so we can continue to work in a co-ordinated way to protect the site.

September, 25  2010


Nya:wen Sge:no;

Niawen gowa to Lauri, Adrian, Liza Kim, her friend from BC, and Rick for their hard work today in moving the heavy oak logs around to create a ceremonial place at the Snake Mound and also to help deter bikers from continuing to use area illegally.

We also put the barricades back up and while we there managed to stop several groups of bikers from coming into use the site today for illegal biking purposes.

Next Sunday, Oct. 03, 2010 @ 11:30 am, we will gathering for ceremony and feast at the Snake Mound.

Hope to see you there!


Rastia’ta’non:ha, Onǫdowá́́’ ga:’ Otahyǫ́:ni:
Director Täiäiäkó’n Historical Preservation Society
(member HPACC)

September 18th, 2010

Again people gathered at the Snake Mound to keep an eye on how effective the signs and fences have been.


September 12, 2010

There was a call out this past week-end to gather again at Snake Mound to see how the site was being managed and if the vandalized signs had been replaced. I could hear the drumming underway as I approached the site as it carries across the pond to the walkway along the bottom of the park.


What we found: one damaged sign has been removed and the other that was bent over has been further defaced and bent. There only remains one sign with the clear prohibition on biking stated however this is off the Snake Mound site. However, the Parks Board has put up heavy duty fencing across the trials leading to the Snake Mound. While this is effective visually, the cyclists are able to get around them with their bikes and new ramps have been built and fresh bicycle tracks are in evidence everywhere.

There was a brilliant blue Fall sky with big clouds passing over, and the sun dappled through the trees: it is a truly special place to be. Song and ceremony unfolded in the moment followed by a sharing of thoughts and feelings as to how to proceed with the struggle to protect and maintain connection to the Mounds.


September 4, 2010

We gathered at Snake Mound to see if the signs had been put up as promised.

It’s been a long hot summer, to say the least. As things are heating up on the Indigenous Peoples front worldwide about the situation in High Park. Various media sources have now seen first handed the destruction in the Snake Mound area. The City TV camera man stated he had been to the site 2 years and he fell and hurt himself badly and had not returned until last Saturday when he did his interview with us.

After our meeting with police, parks officials one of which was sent on Kevin Bowshers behalf and almost 2 hrs of discussion with about 35 supporters, the steps that were going to taken was to firstly have signs put by the end of this week, and the police would enforce the by-law.  It was noted by one of our active supporters, that no signs had been up when he was there on Wednesday. The signs were either put up on Thursday or Friday. We noticed the first bolted to the black, stating ” No Biking Permitted,” then as we walked in at first another sign, Stated, “Bicycling Allowed,” then a third sign post on another stump, stating the same as the fist sign ” No Cycling permitted,” and that sign had already been bent to cover the wording so that it seemed like from a distance Biking was allowed. We did call the police to alert of damages done to the new signs, obviously done by the bikers. The police had asked us to report this back you about the damages done, and it looks like the one sign and the no biking symbol removed. Niawen gowa for showing some faith steps forward in resolving this issue with you people.

The police are also aware that the bikers have been there at night to dig and alter the sight, as there has been ramp building done since last Saturday.

Niawen skenon! Oneh!

In peace.

defaced sign

Progress with the Parks Board at High Park

Early Saturday morning on August 28, 2010, the Taiaiako’n Historical Preservation Society along with elders, Six Nations community members, alongside community members of the High Park/Junction neighborhoods gathered to repair Snake/Serpent Mound which has been degraded by cyclists who have built a bmx jump ramp.

Surprisingly officials from the Toronto Parksboard and a police officer were waiting for us when we arrived at 8am; it seems that the police are watching the facebook pages of some of our group. What ensued was a lengthy discussion as to what was to happen both that day and into the future of the site. The Parks board does not as yet recognize the Indigenous significance of the site. Speakers from the Six Nations eloquently and passionately tried to give them understanding of how it feels to have the graves of ones ancestors desecrated, and to have ones word and the words of the Clan Mothers disrespected as to the significance of this site. The approach of western science that thinks if it doesn’t see it, it doesn’t exist, is an affront to those whose traditional knowledge and science maintains an ancient connection to this burial site.


Through much discussion the Parks Board officials agreed to post signs that enforce the by-laws that state that there is to be no cycling off paths and no digging in the parks by Friday, September 3. They agreed that removal of the signs by cyclists was a problem and that, therefor, they would maintain them. They said that the bicycle police will monitor the site. They agreed to keep in communication with the Taiaiako’n Historical Preservation Society as to the repair of the site, and an independent archeological assessment. After an environmental assessment is done (which is currently underway), if the site is deemed sensitive a fence will be put up. In turn we agreed to not do any digging or repairing of the Mounds for now contingent on their following through with their promises.


We proceeded then to the Snake/Serpent Mound for a ceremony and to talk, sing, feast and get to know each other a bit. We agreed that this was the start of a solid group to work on these issues.

Later in the day some cyclists showed up. We called out to them to join us but they were reluctant. After a rather tense discussion with two cyclists we seemed to come to a bit of an understanding. Police arrived and also spoke to the cyclists and they went away. It was the first time that the police actually enforced the by-law, so that was really good. We then continued to sing and talk, until the ancestors were content.

Ramps Looking North

This is looking west from the top of the highest jump; the damage is evident. South entrance at the left of the picture.

I loaded this picture on so that viewers could see the extent of the damage.  The log at the centre left of the picture has been attacked at the higher end by people using shovels as axes.  The wood chips are not evident from this picture, but they are there.  Eentually, those using the shovels will cause the log to roll south into the deeper part of the pit.

It will probably be a lesson in applied physics, redundant upon completion.


My Two Cents

I was with the group on Saturday.  We were met by the police, who were quite stern, I thought, especially since we said that we were going to follow up.

The sergeant I spoke with, in front of the group, made me feel as though I was the criminal in the enterprise, for standing up for an argument to do with social preservation.

I underlined the fact that we were peaceful and that we were committed to seeing the right thing done by the land.  In response, we were told that we might be trespassed and that it was illegal to take pictures of minors.

Oh well.

The point I am making is that out of the gate, we seem to have hit one snag after another.  One member pointed out, quite rightly as I thought, that we expected the same vigilance for us that the police were showing for the ‘minors’.

I noticed during our episode at the site that the oak trees which were the tallest were swaying quite markedly in the wind.  I also had a branch crash down onto the north slope beside me as I was looking at the plants on the perimeter.

What frustrates me the most is that the vandals seem to already have had their way with the signs.  One alleged vandal has been posting unsavoury comments on the blogto site; I was sent a preceis of the comments made.

Give the adult bikers time.  They will turn violent…I can see it in the writing that I read on the blogto posts.  I had one person who was critical of my naturalist stance say, “Hey Rhodes, F**k off.”  That kind of says it all about their viewpoints and what they are willing to do to enforce their encroachment on public land.

In any case, we have seen that the bikers are willing to break the law to enforce their ends.  My question is, “When the bikers have finished with the site and the soil has washed through the fence, will they re-build the mound, or will they choose another location in the Park?”

I think we know the answer to that one.  It remains to be seen if the bikers are going to try a counter-move.  Remember, the area is protected by an ANSI status; it is ESA #114 and it has been recommended to be fenced off.  This has not happened.

We’ll continue observing and take our victories where we can find them.  Next: to see the signs and that they are replaced; to get hold of the environmental assessment when it is completed; to get the area cordoned off and then rehabilitated.

Continuing the struggle,



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