THPS meets with Arif Virani

THPS meets with Arif Virani

Sept 2018.

THPS met with Liberal MP Arif Virani. His office had contacted us with the desire to talk about our work. Virani expressed to us that he is taking Truth and Reconciliation very seriously and that he would like to support the work of THPS in the future.

THPS also met with Selina Young from the new City of Toronto Indigenous Affairs office. Her mandate is to work with city officials to institute Truth and Reconciliation.

THPS is cautiously hopeful that we will have some support for upcoming projects from both these offices.




Taiaiako’n Historical Preservation Society back to work!

After the passing of  David Redwolf (Rastia’ta’non:ha) who was a central force in the work of the THPS it has taken some time to for the THPS to regroup and be publicly active. Much of the activity is to monitor the mounds, to keep them clean of litter and watch for erosion as well as having ceremony for the ancestors. However, the THPS is gearing up for a new phase. We are working on a pamphlet which outlines the Indigenous history of the park and area, hoping to continue with the archeological work to have the mounds recognized in a good way, as well as manifesting new future projects. The website will also be re-activated as David had collected many files containing knowledge of mounds and their builders which we will continue to archive on the site.

Snake Mound New Fence Looking North July 10, 2011
Snake Mound New Fence Looking North July 10, 2011