Ron Williamson – not a licensed archaeologist

We have an updated file from the Ministry of Culture from January 17, 2011.

Ron Williamson has not had a license since Dec 31, 2000 because of overdue Archaeological Fieldwork Reports for Licenses, 1992-010, 1993-016, 1995-020, 1997-017, and 2000-16.

I will attach the last page to this letter as it is important. Williamson, missed out on the grand parenting option, as he would have had to have all of the outstanding reports into the Ministry before the end of December 2003, which he did not.

Ministry of Culture Letter-Ron Williamson

A letter dated November 6, 2003 states that their records still indicate that he has overdue reports, They also indicated that several ASI staff members have overdue reports and have received the same notice as Williamson.

Williamson did not hold an archaeological license when he was working in Red Hill Valley, the Dannanani site in Vaughan, Skanantut in Vaughan, High Park, or any other sites he has worked on since 2001. He has also told some archaeologists last year that he got his license back. His licensing file with the Ministry of Culture, indicates otherwise, as it does not contain a license since 2000.

On his website: Archaeological Services Inc.- Ron Williamson

Archaeological Services Inc. was founded in 1980 by Ron Williamson and remains a 100% Canadian owned private corporation. In 2002, Williamson entered into a partnership with Martin Cooper, Robert MacDonald, Robert Pihl and Deborah Steiss, all of whom are active in the management of the corporation. All of the partners are practicing archaeologists, whom collectively, have over 150 years of hands-on experience in the field of archaeology and project management.

Ron Williamson Profile

Since his non-licensing he has directed and participated in:

The use of other archaeologists licenses who formerly worked for him in order to do archaeological reports on sites he has directed. *The Ministry is quite clear that licenses are not transferable to another person, and companies or corporations can not be licensed, only individual archaeologists.

He has also used coercion and force to take away projects from other bona-fide licensed archaeologists.

Founding First Nations Circle-Ron Williamson Dog and Pony Show used by Williamson to take away sites from other Bona fide licensed archaeologists

Ron Williamson whines about artifacts, a treasure hunter, like a Safari Larry


May 9, 2008 Letter to Founding First Nations Circle

Mohawk Nation News- Ron Williamson

Peace Bridge site excavation, 2004, Elmbank cemetary, Toronto Master plan ( Toronto Master Plan ) Huson Site, Mantle Site, Cultural Landscape Study, City of Hamilton, Red Hill Valley Expressway, Hamilton, Ontario, Skandatut, City of Vaughan, Dannanai Site, City of Vaughan, High Park, City of Toronto.

Mr. Williamson and ASI have participated in the destruction of hundreds of indigenous sites for the sake of new developments. He claims to have consulted with the appropriate Indigenous Communities, meanwhile his emphasis is consulting with the Huron-Wendat of Wendake. He has also changed and altered the history of many Iroquoian sites by classifying them all Huron-Wendat, when in fact they belong to other Iroquoian groups not associated with the Huron-Wendat. That way he feels he has satisfied the Duty to Consult with FN.  There have also been many instances where he nor ASI has not notified the Huron-Wendat upon verifying the classification of the site.

RONALD Williamson Working on Sites without Consultation

ASI Ron Williamson Working on Sites Without a License

Recently, Ron Williamson responds by saying” He says he doesn’t need one. That his staff who do the “field work” do have licenses “.

According to Ron Williamson’s curriculum vitae, he has worked on at least 26 sites, while not being licensed. That doesn’t account for all the sites either or the rest of his unlincensed staff have worked on without the supervision of a licensed archaeologist.

Scathing Report on Ron Williamson’s Founding First Nation Circle

There is a conspiracy by Williamson and ASI to control all of the archaeology in Ontario. He is known by some as a “twistorian”, a person who twists history to promote his own agenda. In the meantime , while twsiting the history of Indigenous peoples, the true history of the first peoples and their ancestors is lost.

Court File involving ASI & Founding First Nations Circle

Ron Williamson gives 5,000,000 artefacts away to museums, meanwhile not holding an archaeological license

Here are some examples of Ron Williamson and ASI’s site destruction:

Red Hill Valley:

Red Hill Valley Destruction by ASI near Mound



Red Hill Valley-Pea Hill Site Copper Axe

Copper Axe 4,500 years old -Pea Hill- 2005

Pea Hill Report


ASI Destruction of Dannanai Site-City of VaughanASI Destroys Dannanai Site-Seneca/Erie (Neutral) of 1400’s misclassified as Huron-Wendat by Williamson

Longhouses unearthed and destroyed in Red Hill Valley by ASI against Six Nations Confederacy wishesLonghouses unearthed and destroyed By ASI against Six Nations Confederacy wishes

Stage 2, by ASI at Snake Mound, High Park, Toronto, On. summer 2010

Letter from Confederacy about arcgeology


Some examples of his assessments:

Williamson and ASI have mostly only ever excavated 10% of an archaeological site, many times missing entire village sites and burial sites. He spent 6 months excavating a Paleo site (10,000 yrs old) on the top of the Mountain in the Red Hill Valley, Hamilton On, looking for bones. Of course he did not find any, as the Paleo people did not bury their dead, but cremated instead. Therefore he would not have found any human remains any way. He left many artifacts exposed for the general public to take, and a spear point was found by another individual that Williamson and his staff had left behind. Many of the artifacts that Williamson did not want ended up in the Hamilton City garbage.

Williamson also claimed that “no burials had been found in the Red Hill Valley” according to an article in the Hamilton Spectator. Meanwhile, he brought in a backhoe and levelled a mound called “Pea Hill” within 2 hrs, when there was red ochre, bone fragments, and a 4,500 year old copper axe head (Celt) found. He also made public statements about other known mounds in the Red Hill Valley, stating they are a result of construction residue from the sewer work done in the ’50′s. Pictures taken of his test pitting shows clearly that there was no attempt by Ron Williamson and ASI to truly verify if they were mounds or not. As the test pitting was done at the base of the mounds, where there would be the likelihood of soil being pushed onto the mound, in order to cover up the mound. There were also Arial photographs from the 40′s and 50′s showing the mounds there, meanwhile, the same Arial photographs were “airbrushed” to show the mounds not there until the mid ’50′s. A Manitoba maple tree that was growing out of the top of one of the mounds had been dated, from 1888, making it impossible for the mound to have been made by construction residue as Williamson and ASI have suggested.

At the Dannannai site in Vaughan, Williamson claims that the red ochre staining found between the poles of one of the longhouses (wolf clan Seneca) was a fire burn mark. If it was as Williamson suggested, having a fire that close to the longhouse wall would have burnt the longhouse down. The so-called burn mark, had been found dug by ASI a year later, and burial removed, as it was actually a clan mother burial, something commonly done by the Seneca people to bury their clan mothers between the poles in the longhouses.

There are many other examples of Williamson and ASI doing sloppy work by missing village sites and burial sites, leaving it to developers to find when they have unearthed them, which costs more delays, and opposition from Indigenous Communities leading to lawsuits. Many other archaeologists have been called in to clean up Ron Williamsons and ASI messes.

High Park for example, he and ASI did their test pitting in a picnic area near one of the mounds, but not a part of the mound. As they stated their finds, were “inconclusive”, therefore have used that information to try to disprove the mounds in High Park. Our traditional people are incensed by ASI’s statements, as they are basically calling our Clan mothers and people who have known about these sacred places for generations and held ceremonies there, liars. No we are not the liars; it is Ron Williamson and ASI who are the liars! As Mr. Williamson claims that all of his staff is licensed by his statement made publicly, that is actually not the case.

In consulting with other archaeologists in Southern Ontario, many have never seen red ochre before or have limited experience with it, which is a commonly used burial substance in many cultures throughout the world, not limited to North America. That in itself is a scary thought. What this shows us is that many of our ancestors resting places have been destroyed because they don’t know what red ochre looks like, and a clear sign of burials whether or not there are any human remains. In some cases because of soil types, there will not be any human remains or only small fragments. That doesn’t mean that these places are not sacred and special to us. They are, and should be respected as such just like any other cemetery.

There are other reports that have come in on Ron Williamson and ASI’s activities around the Brantford area, whereas in order to get a contract at a site, where no artifacts were previously found, he brought in artifacts from other sites and scattered them on the ground in order to get the contract for the site. On the other hand, there have been instances where artifacts have been found where he and his staff stated there wasn’t anything, and he lost his contracts as a result of this. Corruption Galore…the experiences and evidence against Williamson and ASI is mounting. As also we have been informed that the Mississaugas of the New Credit, have fully endorsed Williamson and ASI’s work of corruption. Is that endorsement because they know what he and his company have done to destroy our sites to support their false claims , or is it just plain ignorance on their part?

Fraudulent Land Claim Mississauga and Toronto

Toronto Haudenosaunee Territory,Mississauga are Algonquian Rogues

Canada and Ontario Create Virtual Algonquins

Quit the Fraud, Notice to Bogus Algonquins

We have also been informed by officials from Wendake,Que (Wendat) that Ron Williamson and other members of his Founding First Nations Circle made a trip to meet with the people at Wendake, several years ago, claiming to have met with their “clan mothers” and that the Wendat “clan mothers” gave them their blessing on Ron Williamson’s work in Ontario. According to the Wendats, they have no clan mothers and have not had for a number of years. Therefore again Ron Williamson and the Founding First Nations Circle has misrepresented itself to many people as being wholly supported by certain Indigenous communities.

ASI and Ron Williamson are not professional archaeologists, as there is a difference between professional archaeologists and contract archaeologists.



Red Hill Valley Mound Showing Manitoba Maple dating from 1888 cut
ASI excavating at Red Hill
Test pitted area by Williamson- North end Bear Mound in trail June 19, 2010
Snake Mound Fired Red Ochre

Bear Mound Fragments June 1, 2009



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