Magwood Park

Magwood Park: Thunderbird Mound (estimated to be 6,000 years old.)

Below the old Erie/Neutral, Seneca and Mohawk village site of Taiaiagon (which was destroyed in 1687 by Marquis de Denonville, Governer of New France) within Baby Point Road area where 5,000 people once resided, in the ravine that leads into Magwood Park is another ancient Effigy Earthwork Burial Mound. Soil erosion and pedestrian traffic has been a problem here as well, even though it is off of the beaten track.

The Haudenosaunee of Six Nation’s Confederacy of the Grand River, who through longstanding agreements with the Erie/Neutrals, are sworn protectors and stewards of the ancestors. Events of desecration of Bear Mound, the thunderbird Mound (AjGu-44), and more recently at Snake/Serpent Mound have forced the Taiaiako’n Historical Preservation Services, through Rastia’ta’non:ha and his team, to step up surveillance and protection of these sites.

After the last Glacial period of about 12,500 B.C., the people known as the Clovis culture, a Paleo-Indian cultural group had established themselves from east of the Mississippi to the Atlantic coast, particularly around Lake Erie (Oswego) and Lake Ontario (Cadarakut). These people were the ancestors of the Erie/Neutrals. Within the Woodland Period (700 B.C. – 1615 A.D), they became more sedentary and agricultural, and so were able to take greater care of their dead, as well as take the time to build mounds to honor and bury them. Some mounds were used for medicine ceremonies, some were for burials, and both could be used for the purpose of interpreting the celestial calendar and for navigation. These particular mounds here in toronto directly correspond to the same set of mounds in Ohio (Erie/Neutral), which represent all of the clans.

This plaque shows the colonial distortions of history that mark the present day landscape in Toronto.

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