** Notice confirming stance of Six Nations Confederacy, through the designated hereditary chief ( not band council chief) Arnold General, Beaver Clan, Onondaga Nation, the 1701 Peace Treaty of Montreal and Nanfan Treaty covers the land area that mounds in High Park are in. There is no line of demarcation between the Mississaugas and Six Nations at the Humber. The Six Nations chiefs and clanmothers are the ones who hold any jurisdiction of this issue because they are also the lead signers and negotiators of those treaties with the colonialists. There is no mention of the Mississauga of having their own chief signing that treaty, therefore any discussions, arrangements and etc. must be made with the Six Nations Clanmothers, Chiefs, and their extended arm, in dealing with this issue, THPS.  It has been stated by the Six Nations Confederacy that the Mississauguas will need to consult with Cayuga Nation, which has been holding the Mississaugas wampum since 1782. It is improper for the City of Toronto to be holding back door discussions with the Mississaugas over the issues in High Park and it maybe that some of the recent decisions of the city to bulldoze the site and put a fence around was part of the back door discussions with the Mississaugas. We will hopefully be able to confirm that with the city on Tuesday, when we meet with them. If that is the case, and find that city has been making plans for the High Park Mounds, before consulting THPS, Six Nations Confederacy and others who are supporting the defense of the land and the ancestors, will not bode well with the Confederacy on any futures issues that Mississauga seek assistance from . This is one of the reasons why many of our people have not shown their support that they would like to is because of the “fraudulent Mississaussuga land claim of Toronto” as they are offended by it and also know that it is a violation of the Great Law of the Six Nations Confederacy and is also a violation of treaties made in 1701 and after. A land claim legally does not establish ownership or sovereign rights of the land, instead, relinquishes those rights once monetary compensation is received. Therefore the Mississauga Land Claim in Toronto is a business transaction that has now been completed, therefore according to the chiefs and clanmothers at Six Nations that have been consulted about this issue, have stated that the Mississauga have sold out any sovereign rights that they thought they had. All the other 39 nations who did not sign on to the Mississauga land claim, still have their sovereign rights intact under the 1701 . The Clamothers in 2009, had asked us to “preserve and protect” all of the sacred sites in High Park ” at all costs” , and that we will do.

Further note, there are no confirmed Mississauga burials in the Toronto area, and the mounds at High Park or Magwood Park have no relationship to the Mississauga or Algonquian language family as they were not builders of ceremonial or burial mounds. Mounds elsewhere that have been erronously labeled as Algonquian or Ojibwa are in fact insitu Iroquoian . Thefore the Mississaugas can not claim the mounds as theirs in order to support their fraudulent land claim.**

According to the Office of the Ontario Ministry of Culture, there are NO Mississauaga burial sites located and confirmed in the Toronto area. We also found out that the Mississauga’s are trying to claim the Seneca-Mohawk village of Taiaiako’n as their own.

No Mississauga village was ever located at the site of the Seneca-Mohawk village of Taiaiako’n. They did have a village a located across the Humber River in 1788, 100 years after the massacre at Taiaiako’n by the French. Since there is a 10 acre burial ground located on the village site itself, no one ever lived there afterwords,not even Baby himself. The first residences built on the site of the village of Taiaiako’n, was in 1916.

The Mississaugas have no valid claim to the Toronto area, especially since they don’t have any confirmed ancestors buried here such as do the Erie/Neutral, Wendat and Six Nations. Therefore Taiaiako’n, the Thunderbird Mound, and the Bear Mound are Six Nations Confederacy issues.

Fraudulent Mississauga Land Claim and City of Toronto

 1701 Signers of Peace Treaty of Montreal

Gun Shot Treaty from Bay of Quinte to County of York

Letter from Six Nations Confederacy-Mohawk Mens Council

“An Onkwehonwe in Kanada-Listen all of you” – Toronto is Tkaronto, it’s a Mohawk Word.

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Request to Stop BMX/ Skills Park in High Park by THPS, FOSM and Six Nations Grandmothers

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Village of Taiaiako'n
Village of Taiaiako’n
Erie Map
Erie Map
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