Memorial for Rastia’ta’non:ha

Memorial Service for Rastia’ta’non:ha

It saddens us greatly to report that Rastia’ta’non:ha, director of the Taiaiako’n Historical Preservation Society passed away last winter. We will be holding a memorial ceremony on Sunday, June 24th at Bear Mound in High Park, Toronto (just north of Grenadier Restaurant) from 2-5pm. 

We hope to see you there to consider the passing of our friend, and celebrate his amazing work in protecting the ancient Iroquoian burial mounds of High Park.


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8 Responses to Memorial for Rastia’ta’non:ha

  1. ganyo:da sahsi says:

    I would like to see more about the legal aspects of what is happening on the site. I think that we should set the whole issue in its context: indigenous, legal, social, and environmenta. I would be willing to write up some environmental reports.



    • taiaiakon says:

      If you are willing to write up some reports that would be amazing…As I come across legal info I am posting it. There is a couple of interesting articles written about the legal issues of Aboriginal burial sites now on the Links and Legal info pages.
      email me any articles and I will post.
      all the best,


  2. Ahni says:

    Thanks for putting all this information together. I had read about the mounds a few weeks ago, but the article wasn’t much on detail. I’ll add a reference to these mounds when I do my next update. Thanks again.


  3. Trevor Bridges says:

    as a non native i am very pleased that this sacred land is fianally being treated the way it should. I deplore some of the very insensitive comments posted on the Toronto Star website today in relation to an article they have posted.
    Peace to us all.



  4. Sugel says:

    Border the task of documenting finds there and protecting the mounds and attempting to get Toronto officials to designate this mound and others historically significant sites so that they may be restored and protected..In order to accomplish these in his view sacred and essential tasks Rastiatanon ha and others have established the with the sole mandate of restorating and preserving Thunderbird Mound at Magwood Park Toronto and those burial mounds and sites of significance in High Park..In the society of the Iroquois or Haudenosaunee People of the Longhouse a consensual decision-making process involves all of the 50 clans contained in the Six Nations of The Confederacy. They sprinkled or painted their dead with red ochre and placed blades copper bone and shell beads as well as pottery pipes fire-making kits and baskets within the mortuary mounds.


  5. dieta says:

    When John Howard bequeathed the park to the city in the 1800s he also provided the condition that the Six Nations would continue their custodian role over their sacred sites.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Please post the John Howard Document bequeathing the park to the city in the 1800s. Thanks! Donna Powless, Acting Director, Taiaiako’n Historical Preservation Society.


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